Faery Tales & Nightmares por Melissa Marr

Faery Tales & Nightmares por Melissa Marr

Titulo del libro: Faery Tales & Nightmares

Autor: Melissa Marr

Número de páginas: 418 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 2, 2012

ISBN: 0007456867

Editor: Harper Collins Children's Books

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Melissa Marr con Faery Tales & Nightmares

Dangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments, dark and light.

Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from behind bushes, rise from under the seas, or manifest from seasonal storms to pursue the objects of their attention - with amorous or sinister intent - relentlessly.

Tales of favourite characters from Marr's Wicked Lovely novels mix with accounts of new characters for readers to fall in love with... or fear.