The Forager Handbook par Miles Irving

The Forager Handbook par Miles Irving

Titre de livre: The Forager Handbook

Auteur: Miles Irving

ISBN: 0091913632

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Miles Irving avec The Forager Handbook

Reveals the how, why, what and where of foraging. This book features recipes that use foraged ingredients.

"Nature lovers and foodies alike will be overjoyed by this. Combining recipes and folklore, it's a great book for our time." (The Independent On Sunday)

"The definitive guide to foraging in the UK." (Wall Street Journal)

"A unique and authentic guide, assiduously researched, packed with information and enlivened with anecdotes." (Country Kitchen)

"The most up-to-date book on wild plants of Britain. Irving has produced a book that rivals Mabey’s Food For Free and personally I feel it surpasses it... I would rate The Forager Handbook as one of the best [of its kind] in publication." (

Miles Irving has been seeking out and selling foraged produce for over 10 years. Among the top British restauranteurs who sell the fruit, vegetables and herbs Miles delivers to their doors are Jamie Oliver, Richard Corrigan, Mark Hix, Sam and Sam Clark. Miles lives near Canterbury and has his own company, Forager.