Arctic por Minik Rosing

Arctic por Minik Rosing

Titulo del libro: Arctic

Autor: Minik Rosing

Número de páginas: 128 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 30, 2014

ISBN: 8792877168

Editor: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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Minik Rosing con Arctic

Looming large in the cultural imagination as a wild territory to be conquered and the ultimate perimeter of human power, the seemingly untouched landscape of the Arctic has been an inspiration to artists from the Romantic age to the present. "Arctic," published to accompany a major exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, brings together a range of artists responding to the terrifying sublime of the Arctic, from Caspar David Friedrich to Sigmar Polke, Sophie Calle, Mark Dion and Joachim Koester. With contributions from geologists, historians, archeaologists and glaciologists, as well as a new essay by Geoff Dyer about the photographs from the nineteenth-century expeditions that provided some of the first glimpses of the region and its inhabitants, this catalogue considers the place of the Arctic in the history and culture of the West at a moment when the region is taking on a new significance as a threatened, vanishing space.