Scarlet Cube (English Edition) por Olive Warren

Scarlet Cube (English Edition) por Olive Warren

Titulo del libro: Scarlet Cube (English Edition)

Autor: Olive Warren

Número de páginas: 1285 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 10, 2018

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Olive Warren con Scarlet Cube (English Edition)

There are in life such moments when the meaning of your existence is not even lost, no, it simply vanishes directly in front of your eyes. And you suddenly understand how you are actually lonely, despite the people surrounding you. You realize that plunged into this state already long ago that just did not want to reconcile to it at once. For some reason floundered, trying to resist to its black depths. Thought out to himself family, friends, happened even fell in love. Convinced himself that everything is remarkable. No, all be simply hurt!. Also did not notice how the abyss of a gloom tightened you more and more deeply, enveloping, squeezing, exhausting everything that was in you light and naive.