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Mr Below
Comment from : Mr Below

10000000% rigged! Please tell me this shitty game is extinct!
Comment from : Rossco41

Hacii Sahin
Omg what a Video Hahahahahaha spin a win Hahahahahaha Spin a dick
Comment from : Hacii Sahin

jason JK
So fucking rigged lol it speeded up when it was going to stop on 5 lol
Comment from : jason JK

Karini sikim
Comment from : d3f4y1

Fair play mofucka xD "What a disasterxD"
Comment from : 〈〈JohnnyDee〉〉

OMG ITS RIGGED!!! 3:38 that proves all!
Comment from : WSWEss

That laugh killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : andy157611

Valentino A
I laughed way too hard, feel sorry for that girl XD
Comment from : Valentino A

i bet 40 a 10k got 7x 7x 7x got win huge
Comment from : David AMOLOEK APBG

I thin dreamcatcher is too rigged, but not like this
Comment from : TaserBeast55

Marius Sinkerud
Dreamcatcher is rigged as well. m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmZGvaGDWQM
Comment from : Marius Sinkerud

Dean Shakespeare
Hope you die of cancer
Comment from : Dean Shakespeare

Terry Fuckwit
It’s a con.......the wheel should be free moving.....it have software that slows the wheel down to guarantee the casino wins to prevent something like a x7 x7 x7 x 40 as 90 % cover only the big numbers as that would payout over 14000x and bankrupt the casino......total con and avoid at all costs...you have been warned....
Comment from : Terry Fuckwit

Lmfao what Kind of wheel is that money Maker Wheel dir Casinos xD dreamcatcher is much better but I think when it goes to to many money than it will stops at the 1 also I have Seen many Times multipler and After that a 1 xD
Comment from : IWantToPlayThePerfectGame

Monsta Cookie
i hope they get shut down, rigged AF
Comment from : Monsta Cookie

Vicky van der Linden
8:01 what is that noise lmao
Comment from : Vicky van der Linden

Сержик Роздабара
Omg! Its so so so funny moment
Comment from : Сержик Роздабара

Amir Oghyanoosi
Can anyone sue them?where the fuck is police now !
Comment from : Amir Oghyanoosi

ToLga 2535
what the fuck :Asfd:d:HGsg
Comment from : ToLga 2535

3:38 best epic laugh ever :P
Comment from : Morphiuz

Geras Katinas
8:46 it bounced back in the middle of the number shit mate now brakes work normal again
Comment from : Geras Katinas

Arnis J
Jesus, you make my day ;DDDD best spin ever ;D
Comment from : Arnis J

Showme Dumuny
lol mate your commentary is classic. Had to laugh with you it was that funny
Comment from : Showme Dumuny

so obvious that wheel is rigged lol
Comment from : svupster

On which casino is this?
Comment from : lars

Ričards Kočkers
Comment from : Ričards Kočkers

Настро Вангус
Comment from : Настро Вангус

B O I *
what a cringe fast
Comment from : B O I *

Im actually thinking to play Spin A Win sometime... Nah not really, Dream Catcher ftw. Dream Catcher looks great, should try that might be big money coming :) What i seen from Dream catcher videos hosts are very entertaining i like that. Spin A Win is ridicilously rigged piece of crap, please avoid that shit.
Comment from : VX97

Everyone that says poor Girl....shes as big as a Part of Scam a win as everyone Else.
That laugh killed me :D
Nice channel mate

Comment from : JuhuDiePie

Jack Ford
I'm fucking dying at that laugh n spin 😂😂
Comment from : Jack Ford

Mucki TV
spin a win is maipulatet ?? i think i play only dreamcatcher what a slut
Comment from : Mucki TV

Pasta Pasta
Do not play spin win looks not right
Comment from : Pasta Pasta

That looks rigged as
Comment from : Dave

Project Slot Machine UK
3:36 that is where the fail starts
Comment from : Project Slot Machine UK

Hahahaha that one spin hahaha nice video
Comment from : YnCk

CJ 17
She pretty tho
Comment from : CJ 17

CJ 17
Hate that spin a win shite dream catcher (life wrecker) far better imo
Comment from : CJ 17

Poor girl
Comment from : Drifter12234

Siam- Nam
No no no way
This is not a wealllll

Comment from : Siam- Nam

its her only job... does put the legitimacy of the game into question
Comment from : RRP

Where can i play that first wheel
Comment from : ImTheOne

rs plumber
lmfao that wheel is so rigged hahahaahah
Comment from : rs plumber

DC all day every day! This one sad rip off! Dream Catcher will always be the OG!
Comment from : BEAR SHOTZ

oh dear, awwtch 3:30 ... a disaster indeed , but thanks so much for uploading, one day a host was laughing at me I said the wheel can spin all by itself ... I'm so glad you uploaded this haha
Comment from : PetStuBa

if the thing have brakes, thats already sketchy, Dreamcatcher all the way :)
Comment from : Heartcorer

tim jenkinson
Spin an apology Jesus I hope you don't have shares in craptech
Comment from : tim jenkinson

tim jenkinson
Those brakes are really good spin a scam is the worst game it makes hi lo look good
Comment from : tim jenkinson

BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel
well at least they sorted the mic volume?.. so which is better? ha
Comment from : BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel

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