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Team Dime
Hey bro best site or app to play online black jack ?im in the USA
Comment from : Team Dime

Ma Be
How you win 60,000 when you bet 500
Comment from : Ma Be

Alexandre Silva
Jesus christ
Comment from : Alexandre Silva

Kyle 89
and heres me desperately trying to save 2k for a trip
Comment from : Kyle 89

WiLLy LiMa
Deu sorte de mais, parabéns 👊🏻😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Comment from : WiLLy LiMa

Caleb Lawrence
Imagine you won 1 million
Comment from : Caleb Lawrence

sean haugen
Degenerate gambling at it's best...I love it..
Comment from : sean haugen

David Yidi
you should include historical p/l
Comment from : David Yidi

What site does he use
Comment from : Grenadesta

Покерный Парень
Это очень круто!!!
Comment from : Покерный Парень

congratsz, matee
Comment from : BigBoss1R

Derek’s Gaming Adventures
Is this legal in the USA
Comment from : Derek’s Gaming Adventures

jazzy jay
Absolutly insane!!!
Comment from : jazzy jay

ava shot
Some boy you mate I'm a fucking degenrate forever losing odd 3 to £"400 quids at most I've lost was about 4g I could've cryed lol. Started booking holidays now all time so I can't gamble as much. Be 6th holiday this year when I go Malta next month its not an addiction gambling its a fucking disease 🤣🤣
Comment from : ava shot

xinjie zhang
You reminds me two months ago I lost almost 30K within one hour in baccarat, that made me sick for weeks
Comment from : xinjie zhang

Subin Nair
davo give me some money to clear my debts bro as a donation
Comment from : Subin Nair

Orlando Alexandru
Have you tryed martingale Davo ?
Comment from : Orlando Alexandru

Orlando Alexandru
very funny guy, and captivating, really nice to watch
Comment from : Orlando Alexandru

Senssi Mille
You are a monster cap Davo, a fucking monster! Hats off
Comment from : Senssi Mille

anyone know what website he is playing on ?
Comment from : Yarcxb

Adam Brake
Monster run.. a drinking problem... fuck it...

Responsible... lol... you do have a good hart...

Comment from : Adam Brake

brady smith
I want the real audio
Comment from : brady smith

Errick M
What website is the online casino ? ?
Comment from : Errick M

Fadi Hadad
Roullete is paying why you leave idiot you could start play better in deferent
Comment from : Fadi Hadad

g969lol cenidoza
anything is possible. I started $50 in roulette and got it to $11,000
Comment from : g969lol cenidoza

Арчылаан Старостин
Pleas man
Comment from : Арчылаан Старостин

Joku nekke vaa
2,1k likes.... BLACK JACK BABYY
Comment from : Joku nekke vaa

Comment from : BigWinJoker

Peter Thompson
Yohan giving you a hand under the table!! Was you that drunk? Lol
Comment from : Peter Thompson

Eric Goldfish
Is it real money
Comment from : Eric Goldfish

Big Neuton
11:10 Pull out game needs some work XD
Comment from : Big Neuton

What site is this, like where it has collections of roulette,blackjack slots etc
Comment from : TheGrizzlyBear

Lou Soldier
But dude really? what would you think if you where a hardworking fellow who earns like 30k a year of this? Would you say 'this is real I trust on it'? Sorry dude but we just can't believe this
Comment from : Lou Soldier

Eugene O
you are such a degenerate I love you
Comment from : Eugene O

Hrayr H-
Whats the name of website and is it real money ?
Comment from : Hrayr H-

Andrew Trinh
You’re a monster
Comment from : Andrew Trinh

spencer james
IRS is on the road<( ̄ˇ ̄)/
Comment from : spencer james

Adam Muller
What site is this??
Comment from : Adam Muller

Eric Smyth
Love that the shoe is covered in a clear container. It's an honest shuffle.
Comment from : Eric Smyth

-Silver East-
what site do u use for blackjack
Comment from : -Silver East-

John Curtis
Love this guy
Comment from : John Curtis

1KinG TV
Dont ask how i got that 10k. Dude if there was 10 euros we will accept that but 10k euro u dont know how u get ?
Comment from : 1KinG TV

John Hung
Cuntnrolla and his cunty fanbois so jelly! PMSL!
Comment from : John Hung

If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette
Comment from : If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette

Петр Стерльников
nice game, mate!
Also like to play online, usually baccarat is my best friend with surf-casino :)

Comment from : Петр Стерльников

Eric Denninger
Stone legend.
Comment from : Eric Denninger

kkrispy2009 P
Well done nice wins
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

Corey Gigoux
hey question mate do u believe in roulette predictors
Comment from : Corey Gigoux

fuck man you are betting wreckless houses
Comment from : DikkeKoelie

Think Much?
I just can't stop betting on the chicken fighting......
Comment from : Think Much?

đức ngựa nguyễn
I want play online like that , i live australia who know any web like this
Comment from : đức ngựa nguyễn

Lachlan Wyvill
What is the 21+3 bonus?
Comment from : Lachlan Wyvill

Kevin 721
Nice wins but you are a gambler. Without money-, ristkmanagement and a stable strategy the casino has the edge on a long term.
Comment from : Kevin 721

Corey O'Neill
Bank of mum and dad was used for the original stake.
Comment from : Corey O'Neill

Marty Farcasting
How come you went casino in real life and were doing 500 quid hands now you're online and doing £34.5K something doesn't add up
Comment from : Marty Farcasting

john meeks
What’s the song Davo? Thanks
Comment from : john meeks

Dylan Mason
Just reading through the comment how is no one talking about to 12/10 dealer Jesus Christ
Comment from : Dylan Mason

Is this real money you're playing with or?? If so, what do you do for a job to go blow this kinda dough?? lol
Comment from : Firemedic10584

AG Cuber
What site is this?
Comment from : AG Cuber

hector david baigorria
Beautiful man!!
Comment from : hector david baigorria

Kurt C
Your a legend davo
Comment from : Kurt C

Jimmy Wan
I hate the voice over.
We want the live video like before.

Comment from : Jimmy Wan

N Daly
Young man with a drinking and gambling problem. Welcome to Australia. YTB
Comment from : N Daly

James Te Amo
Great stream an night brother awesome work
Comment from : James Te Amo

Blake Guillozet
Davo.. I love you brother.. and my cash app is $bguio24. My man! Lol!!
Comment from : Blake Guillozet

jay malhi
Bets 30 plus k ... I think I have a ....drinking problem
Comment from : jay malhi

GradienTz - Online Casino Gambling
I’ve learned a lot about blackjack while watching your channel man, I must say, my game has definitely improved. Thank you
Comment from : GradienTz - Online Casino Gambling

Adam Mok
ANYONE who won this amount of money would have watched their own streams..
Comment from : Adam Mok

M. Jordan Black
That black jack dealers knockers are distracting
Comment from : M. Jordan Black

I actually enjoyed the voice over. Don’t get me wrong live coms are lit but this was cool to watch!
Comment from : NoseyMold

Brandon Thomas
He was like “I’m not sure what i do here. Maybe pull out?” Slaps 30k on the table 😂
Comment from : Brandon Thomas

Aneronix -
i jsut accidentally bet my bank roll, 2200, dealer showed a 7 to my 13. heart was in my throat. i stood because i was dumb. dealer flipped a 4. im losing my mind that i lost my money. they then flip an ace, followed by paint. i doubled up, and cashed out. i cant handle that stress.
Comment from : Aneronix -

This was one of the best streams.. I was yelling at my phone that night....
Comment from : J B

Blackjack Lover
Bravo. Buy Tesla Blackjack Lover System and you will win more money!
Comment from : Blackjack Lover

Jeremy jazwinski
Davo with the fresh cut. I'm still promoting you brother, getting your name out there for the haters and turn them into motivators
Comment from : Jeremy jazwinski

BettingBenji B
Dont worry Davo, chicken fighting is always done responsibly.
Comment from : BettingBenji B

Mikey Mcfree
what are good websites to gamble on anyone have some good ones?
Comment from : Mikey Mcfree

Charlie Hopa
Fuckin legend🤙🤙
Comment from : Charlie Hopa

Jack sta
Fucking epic 🤮
Comment from : Jack sta

Rezky Immaduddin
nice . u king black jack and roulette
Comment from : Rezky Immaduddin

zorita gomanu
Comment from : zorita gomanu

Comment from : Wildvids

boss man
Comment from : boss man

Freak Creation
8:55 Holyyyyy fuckkk AHAHAHA
Comment from : Freak Creation

That ball aint spinning right
Comment from : daumsman

3rd Generation Films
when I had my huge ups and down with high limit blackjack, I always thought why isn’t this on YouTube? Eventually I found slot channels, then the big jackpot. Never any blackjack guys. Till you. You are a goat. Its like watching myself sometimes. Its what I relate w most
Comment from : 3rd Generation Films

What is a good online pokies in Aus???
Comment from : LTK101_KARNAGE Haines

The Greek
Keep drinking at this will keep happening..😂😂😂..
Comment from : The Greek

Brad briggson
thank you for finally bringing back blackjack online
Comment from : Brad briggson

NorCal Solar
You are the fuckin man bro!!!!
Comment from : NorCal Solar

p ace
And we in this 3rd world country, work all day for 4 dollars.

What a just world

Comment from : p ace

Rack city blondie
Comment from : thor4644

Blake Weller
Johan should’ve paid you 10k for shaving his head, his hair is BRUTAL in this video
Comment from : Blake Weller

Hi Davo, may I talk/write with you for a few minutes? Kind of important
Comment from : Tim

Rajko Kuku mene majko su ga zvali
Buy me new computer
Comment from : Rajko Kuku mene majko su ga zvali

Alex Nuschke
Can you play some Monopoly by Evolution Gaming?
Comment from : Alex Nuschke

Matthew Lowe
Nice ,a new video ;) Davo you arrogant prick hahahaha
Comment from : Matthew Lowe

Evan Osburn
"I'm a repeat offender of not pulling out at the right time"
You and me both, Davo and I got 3 kids to prove it

Comment from : Evan Osburn

Jeremy Bright
Thank you captain
Comment from : Jeremy Bright

Dale Holland
Couple of questions Davo.
Firstly, have you won on zero (green) in roulet? And 2 what's the closing song on this video? Cheers cunty

Comment from : Dale Holland

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