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Global People Watching
Did Joe Hachem fold?! Haha what happened..

Wonderful video full of value wish I saw this two days ago haha

Comment from : Global People Watching

Tin Foil Hat S
You are right about Featherstone denigrating his own hand - but Hellmuth did it first.
Comment from : Tin Foil Hat S

Dwayne Greene
Jamie Gold is such a douchebag. Im so glad we dont see him anymore. Probly talked his way to bankruptcy after winning 12 mil n playing in the high stakes games after the World series.
Comment from : Dwayne Greene

Andrew Li
Did you just call Daniel Negreanu a recreational player?
Comment from : Andrew Li

unknown territory
And i can show highlight reel of people saying the same stuff when they don't have anything. My dads friend used to do this give the same tells of when he did or didn't have it. And soon as you think you got him figured out you realize you don't. That is why following math is important. What these people will never tell you is all the misreads they did and made terrible decisions based on them that cost them a lot of money. Its easy to say what tells means after they hand is played and you can see the results though.
Comment from : unknown territory

Chase Bethersonton
Great video!
Comment from : Chase Bethersonton

Dont ever talk wear a ninja suit with sunnies. Guaranteed to win!
Comment from : EDKH

Bill King
I didn't think Jamie Gold was verbally tricky. He basically told people what he had but they didn't believe him. His douche-baggery caused people to doubt him. I won a small tourney because the guy with the most chips bragged about his cards. He NEVER bluffed. Any time he was in, he verbalized his strength, so I would fold and bide my time.
Comment from : Bill King

La Liberte doesn’t have the nuts. The nuts would be quad aces.
Comment from : asterix811

So if someone says "Yeah, I'm gonna go all in cuz I don't think you have the spades'" then they probably have something like 9's full and I should only call with A's full or better right?
Comment from : orange19751

So just tell the truth at the table while bluffing? What would happen if I told everyone at the table exactly what I had in my hand during a bluff and outright told everyone I didn’t have shit. Would people believe me or do you think they’d fold out of disbelief? I’ve always wanted to win a standoff on a bluff doing something like that. Either that or win with a strong hand all the while telling the people at the table exactly what I had. Am I autistic or am I onto something here?
Comment from : ITS210PM

Perse Reikänen
I tell that poker sucks
Comment from : Perse Reikänen

I played and just said on every hand...I don’t have crap but I’m betting anyway...so finally after about 4 hours this guy says...is that all you are going to say all night? You are boring. So I said...I’m being boring with your money.
Comment from : jOSE Cant SEE

Alberts stuff
So is it good or OK etiquette to use misdirection? Or can you get accused of angle shooting?
Comment from : Alberts stuff

minivan milf
How’d you come up with the name for your book?
Comment from : minivan milf

Karim Amin
The best misdirection is to tell what you actually have. Most people won't believe you
Comment from : Karim Amin

What did Hellmuth do? Geez
Comment from : bleewicket

Adnan Cusic
Gold did a stupid thing, he was directly implying his own hand was superstrong.
Comment from : Adnan Cusic

My book is " Getting a Tell , Mafioso Style " All you need is 29.99 , rope , a chair and an alibi , oh and a crowbar or bat will do .
Comment from : SACTICAL BAG

you lost me at NegranYOU...
Comment from : A12T

very useful video. also, i would be very interested in a video where you try to falsify your own theories. i'm sure there are examples where weak is weak and strong is strong. just for balance, because life is not black and white.
Comment from : Chiel

Laliberte did a string bet. Never said raise, put the call in then put raise in after.
Comment from : Glazed420

pumpkin pie
How do we use this to our advatage besides folding? poker players know this shit, right? They've seen it all. So if I want someone to raise or make a big pot cause I got a big hand, maybe playing little mind games and saying the truth will make them think I'm actually weak and they'll actually do raise or continue? Haha.
Comment from : pumpkin pie

Barry McCartan
Very interesting, good video
Comment from : Barry McCartan

Here's the Hellmuth Fishman hand in its entirety: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k2Gj9nFVtE
Comment from : frogblues

Thomas Radar
Please do something about the mic popping.
Comment from : Thomas Radar

Ok so now all you do is use misdirection when you have nothing haha
Comment from : LochVids

Jeremy Gundel
zach, your stuff is great. appreciate it.
Comment from : Jeremy Gundel

Brian Faltar
How does Farha have better percentage? 13:34
Comment from : Brian Faltar

Alex Dashkoff
The crazy part is that after these plays, this shit actually seems kind of obvious, but during the play it's not.
Comment from : Alex Dashkoff

NetBusiness Bro
Here is my video about advanced poker training. Let's check and like: youtu.be/pNkID_lJMOA
Comment from : NetBusiness Bro

Bob Moynes
excellent using hands we've all seen to make your points. excellent once again.
Comment from : Bob Moynes

Saint Peterson
I give this video an A grade.
Comment from : Saint Peterson

anon anonymous
This is good stuff thank you for this.
Comment from : anon anonymous

actually very informative video! :)
Comment from : TheMamapapa

Matt Byrnes
You really break it down well. I'm going to break down what you broke down to make sure I got it. First you take what they say. eg. "Not very convincing." Then you interpret what they say. "Not very convincing" = I'm only betting because I think you are weak and not because I have a strong hand. Then you categorize that into either representing weakness or representing strength. Since a player will rarely draw attention to the possibility of having a weak hand, it is not likely that they would represent themselves as weak, so be cautious as it is likely they are attempting to induce over-confidence in you and get you to bet at them. I guess the misdirection works when the listener thinks the speaker accidentally revealed too much. You should do a video on pros/seasoned players using it as a reverse tell. I recall Hellmuth doing it by saying, "you take the next one, I'll take this one". Great video. Going to buy the book. Edit: ah, nuts, you're not selling it on amazon. I don't want to enter my credit info. Are you ever going to sell it on amazon?
Comment from : Matt Byrnes

Shayne Sim
great video good info. Thanks for the insight
Comment from : Shayne Sim

Seattle StreetSnype
Great stuff! More insight into live reads please... how and when to look at other players for reads and how to efficiently interpret the data.

Also, if I may, I learned to play poker with a bunch of very creative angle-shooters. I would like to see some examples of particularly brilliant angle shots and maybe some that backfire! As far as I'm concerned, angle shots add dimension and flavor to the game. Cheers.

Comment from : Seattle StreetSnype

Johnny B.
wow man show the rest of the plays
Comment from : Johnny B.

Kevin Johnson
smelling confidence is the key to poker. trusting you smelled it and action rational upon you assumptions is different.
Comment from : Kevin Johnson

I leave mean comments
"I've been focusing on verbal poker tells lately because I'm working on a book called verbal poker tells."

lightly fried fish filets

Comment from : I leave mean comments

Alex Lombardi
Comment from : Alex Lombardi

place pages
so did they call or not. doh!
Comment from : place pages

Lars Huson
Online Casinos — The Real Truth Exposed! TRY TODAY t.co/bWoM80sycU
Comment from : Lars Huson

love this video, I wonder how many people are aware of this and exploit misdirections to get value when they are in fact strong vs a player who can see through the basic speech play at the level shown in the video
Comment from : Pazza

jordan holiman
Yeah I've basically just decided to not believe anything another player tells me during the hand
Comment from : jordan holiman

space monkey returns
great video man I'll check out your book. I've recently moved from playing online to playing live and it's my own behaviour I'm worried about also picking up on others. I've already become pretty good at Reading certain physical tells but it's great to hear a little about what to look out for verbally. adding this information in could really help a decision.
Comment from : space monkey returns

space monkey returns
great video man I'll check out your book. I've recently moved from playing online to playing live and it's my own behaviour I'm worried about also picking up on others. I've already become pretty good at Reading certain physical tells but it's great to hear a little about what to look out for verbally. adding this information in could really help a decision.
Comment from : space monkey returns

wish you would have showed till the end of the hand. Wanted to see who won
Comment from : aperfecte

Chris Martin
didnt sell a lot of those books did you. this was stupid.
Comment from : Chris Martin

cool point about how a bluffer never wants to weaken their own hand range — excellent!
Comment from : McGavel1

does rofl rhyme with waffle? ROFL
Comment from : McGavel1

at the 4:30 mark, Phil calls his raise though, so it did actually work in this case rather then "weaken his range".
Comment from : killaplay300

Filip Johansson
What's up with the percentages at 13.22
Comment from : Filip Johansson

What The
This is great, subscribed, I'm gun online then I get to live and freeze up or feel myself showing nervousness, while I'll play bigger pots online or be heads up for 20k difference in prize money and be relaxed as anything, must be the boxer shorts.
Comment from : What The

Fabian Pyka
soulier also had a huge tell with that sigh before he raised
Comment from : Fabian Pyka

chip duyck
use a wind sock over your mike, stops all the pops you hear in this video
Comment from : chip duyck

Jason Weiss
indirectly "weakening" their hand range or indirectly "narrowing" their hand range?
Comment from : Jason Weiss

Pause at 13:28.  How can those percentages next to the hands make sense?
Comment from : MortimerYoung

john smith
I like your videos. At 10:00 -- Jamie Gold also stands up to give another 'reverse tell' that he's 'ready to leave if he's knocked out.' It's obvious though from Jamie's behavior overall though that he's extremely relaxed and confident.
Comment from : john smith

john smith
Wow - that poker tell at 4:11 is so amateurish. How the hell did Fishman get on TV??
Comment from : john smith

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