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The Grand Sound
We're finally back with a new Progressive House Mix, featuring our favorite tracks at the moment. 🎶
Please let us know, if you like these tracks as much as we do. ❤️

Comment from : The Grand Sound

If you hate Progressive house then what do you like?
Comment from : PancorTV

Titus Stephens
Who's the beautiful girl on the cover
Comment from : Titus Stephens

Patrizia Bonini
Dolci memorie son bolle di sapone 😂
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

fernando zambrano
es como ir al universo y nunca volver es muy emocional diria yo??
Comment from : fernando zambrano

Gar - Moon is unreal 💙
Comment from : CC

Royz3r Willow
Comment from : Royz3r Willow

Tne Best
Comment from : TITOV OFFICIAL

Matt Hofart
I love this mix
Comment from : Matt Hofart

Mr. Pit
Love these vibes! Inspirational for my own art. Keep them comiing!
Comment from : Mr. Pit

Ricardo Gabriel Espinosa
tracks are so repetitive... please... mix more
Comment from : Ricardo Gabriel Espinosa

Love the sound, but is this not progressive trance or deep trance? Bookashade and the like are more prog house to me.
Comment from : Echno

Adi Ashraf
All your progressive trance mix is the best ! Keep it ON ! 😁
Comment from : Adi Ashraf

Excelent meditation special music play !!!!🧢✨🔊🎹🎸🎙🥁😜👌🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸 Great !!!!
Comment from : FELIX M.V.

Jose Luis Ramirez
Es lo mejor de lo mejor
Comment from : Jose Luis Ramirez

Shahzad Khuram
haay re mere dunya
Comment from : Shahzad Khuram

Carsten Chrisss
Immwer weiter....Bleib heiter...
Comment from : Carsten Chrisss

she dressed like steve
Comment from : Breathless

prushotam aryal
This track takes me out of this world
Comment from : prushotam aryal

e e
Anyone knows the NAME OF THE GIRL in the PICTURE????

Thank you in advance!!!!

Comment from : e e

Aquarius Smollet
37:08 Absolute bliss 😍

Comment from : Aquarius Smollet

Robert Robinson
There is no singing in this music
Comment from : Robert Robinson

Hamid Zidani
Great Mix !
Comment from : Hamid Zidani

yêuBly Tv Official
Comment from : yêuBly Tv Official

Steven mahood
Comment from : Steven mahood

dan king
perfect job ,every single track in this mix assures my affection all shall be well,thanks alot
Comment from : dan king

Awesome mix but link to download not working :(
Comment from : Javamay19

Erick Fabian Arnoldo Davila Gallegos
House And Trance
The best music over Earth and Space

Comment from : Erick Fabian Arnoldo Davila Gallegos

Sebastian Ornowski
Great mix soo transcendental 😘💜😘💜😘💜💜💜💜💜💜
Comment from : Sebastian Ornowski

Aegkachai Pahala
good music i love it***
Comment from : Aegkachai Pahala

Andreas Hemetsberger
Perfert at 04:30 and chill it!!
Comment from : Andreas Hemetsberger

Yoan Reddi
This mix is just perfect
Comment from : Yoan Reddi

Rhonda Spellers
Love it
Comment from : Rhonda Spellers

Finusha Nadeeshani
Excellent stuff you Grand Sound folks, a really good progressive mix. Subscribed!
Comment from : Finusha Nadeeshani

Anthony Aleman
Que rolas tan buenas. Saludos desde Guatemala.
Comment from : Anthony Aleman

Алексей Глазин
Отличные треки! Спасибо всем, кто потрудился над их созданием!!!
Comment from : Алексей Глазин

Kevin rosero
Esto es progressive house para niñas.
Comment from : Kevin rosero

TheChromatic Loop
Great!! Soothes my mind
Comment from : TheChromatic Loop

Canaan Mogotla
I have been looking for something like this for a while.
Comment from : Canaan Mogotla

Bandolero #77
1:02:27 🎸🎹
Comment from : Bandolero #77

Meikel Richter
Einfach nur geil zurücklehnen und entspannen
Comment from : Meikel Richter

El tunas T espinas
Is this really progresive house ?
Comment from : El tunas T espinas

Ersin Yavuz
When I start to listen channels like this, I can't focus my real life...
Comment from : Ersin Yavuz

Robert Hintze
im 50 years young,look in the sky in my small but nice garden with my aussie nearby and can kiss the world with your music
Comment from : Robert Hintze

Sun Shiney
Another good prog house : Twilight Slatt
Comment from : Sun Shiney

Franco Bello
Nice mix
Comment from : Franco Bello

Anirban Roy
Supper sarround i liked... Thanks..
Comment from : Anirban Roy

babar momo
I enjoy Evert moment of this track.thank you.
Comment from : babar momo

awesome <3 <3
Comment from : happygolucky

André Carvalho
Comment from : André Carvalho

Charley White
This mix is so good. I've listened to it about 7 times already over the past 2 or 3 weeks. I especially love GAR- "Moon", SixthSense- "Stargazing" (that fits so transitioning from "Moon"), the South Pole Remix of "Medusa," and Clarks' remix of "Yal-Ku."
Comment from : Charley White

Jungwoo Ha
Comment from : Jungwoo Ha

leon dobrzepatrzyzoczu
Hello from Poland
Comment from : leon dobrzepatrzyzoczu

Sammy Njoroge
Every beat transports you into a different world! I really love this!! ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Sammy Njoroge

Ahmad Raza Khan
Till now my fav mix..
Comment from : Ahmad Raza Khan

Aymen Ben69
Great Progressive House Gand Sound i love it i know its from 2018 but i still love it <3 <3
Comment from : Aymen Ben69

THE gamerX
Like si la escuchas en mayo de 2019 👍😸😸😸
Comment from : THE gamerX

Ti Eipes?
Comment from : Ti Eipes?

Love these songs
Comment from : ALTAIR Music

New Beginnings
I was always a fan of progressive house music and thanks to you "The Grand Sound" you make world go around and inspired me to open my own YouTube channel(new beginnings).
Comment from : New Beginnings

Kevin Park
Man, does that Cassini track bring back some memories. Feels like I’m back in DC circa 2001 at Buzz Nation on a Friday night...party until 7am Saturday morning and then go to an after hours party. Now, I’m in bed before 11pm!
Comment from : Kevin Park

Bulumko Papu
Everything is gonna be ok. That's how I feel when I listen to music like this.
Comment from : Bulumko Papu

Suka Blyat! Какой-то балять попсовый хаус
Comment from : Eniac

Boris S
Track 4: Souma - Our Smiles
Comment from : Boris S

Семён Семёныч
Blaumar - Cassini this is realy wonderfull music
Comment from : Семён Семёныч

Bhizz Tembe
Absolutely stunning! Well done guys you've earned one more subscriber.
Comment from : Bhizz Tembe

I couldn't imagine my life without some Progressive House. It just speaks to my soul.
Comment from : SlammedZero

Móttaka Rauðará
Comment from : Móttaka Rauðará

Olexandr Golubka
Comment from : Olexandr Golubka

Atanu Pramanick
Making me trip...thanks
Comment from : Atanu Pramanick

Умар Курбанов
Beautiful music
Comment from : Умар Курбанов

javier martin
es excelente
Comment from : javier martin

Seban Peter
Comment from : Seban Peter

Tiago Mello
Sonzeira! Voyage
Comment from : Tiago Mello

Syn Marketing Beats
14:20 S2
Comment from : Syn Marketing Beats

Anderson kill
Pisicodelia pura mano
Comment from : Anderson kill

Marisol Hachenberg
Beautiful, thank you so much for posting this!!

Love this too...


Ethereal, reminds one of times yet discovered.

Comment from : Marisol Hachenberg

Abhishek shah
Amazing <3
Comment from : Abhishek shah

Андрей Руденко
Так себе!
Comment from : Андрей Руденко

I'm in love with this!😁🏌️‍♀️
Comment from : Default87-YT

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
no komenc:}
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
jestes nieprzecietny
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
chcial bym rzeby moj syn taki byl jest inaczej....
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
durzo lepiej super,,,,,,
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
tempo niemieckimarsz nie przesadzaj:}
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
mam 51 lat fajna muzyke tworzysz:}
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Krzysztof Chrzuszcz
perfekcja przejscie dopracuj...
Comment from : Krzysztof Chrzuszcz

Hanamichi 0000
Es increíble que una buena combinación de notas musicales provoquen una serie de sensaciones en el cuerpo. Creo que este estilo es unos de los más melódicos y no abusa tanto del bass y no es repetitivo.
Comment from : Hanamichi 0000

Atanu Pramanick
Dreams welcome
Comment from : Atanu Pramanick

Sandor Katus
Love your music, always listen to your music very morning while getting for work plus before l go out on the weekends. KEEP IT COMING......
Comment from : Sandor Katus

Comment from : alen廷倫

Cristian Domínguez
Eso ni es progressive 😒 al menos hubieran puesto canciones de matisse & sadko o de martin garrix etc
Comment from : Cristian Domínguez

Salmane Benkeroum
bein bein bein
Comment from : Salmane Benkeroum

Joyson Dsouza

Comment from : Joyson Dsouza

Paul Nedoiu
This is anything but progressive.
Comment from : Paul Nedoiu

Urban Music
Comment from : Urban Music

what is the girl in the picture?
Comment from : Степан

Ujal Gorchu
Guys for god sake, what part of it is considered progressive? Half of it is a freaking tropical deep house -,-
Comment from : Ujal Gorchu

Марио Михов
42:42 This is the test for every single long track if it is good @ 42:42 then it is worth listening to
Comment from : Марио Михов

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