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Макс Усачев
I recently counted the statistics in one casino for 2018: deposits of $ 253,000
Comment from : Макс Усачев

Panos Kal
Don't hold your pennis too hard , you might break it
Comment from : Panos Kal

kelvin finney
omgg scotty and a very merry xmas to you
Comment from : kelvin finney

Ian Whittingham
No terms and conditions on your bonuses then? Like max stake? Which would void your winnings on your £60 buy. 🤨
Comment from : Ian Whittingham

Roulette dream spin WOW ! Great content again Scotty, l really enjoyed it
Comment from : Buttduck

Christopher Burke
'Yggdrasil' is pronounced EEG-DRA-ZIL (just so you know!!)


Comment from : Christopher Burke

£3000 GiveAwAY and for how many people?
Comment from : Arpad

Rostislav Zolotuhin
I got stacked wilds on this the other day at columbus casino and it paid 708x was shocked, I had nearly full screen wilds, x2 wilds it was! Thanks for taking the time to upload and share.
Comment from : Rostislav Zolotuhin

English Guy
10k.., wow.. but can you spell November ? ;p
Comment from : English Guy

Stephen Lewis
The casinos are lazy same format games under a new title which leaves me to ask "Black Mamba"??? Who would name a game after a famous sex toy? Don't be fooled by these affiliated streamers!!
Comment from : Stephen Lewis

Jamie Fraser
Hi scotty the symbol you get is the 1 that lands in the middle bud gl next stream
Comment from : Jamie Fraser

Lightning not lightening
Comment from : WasitacatIsaw?

zorita gomanu
Play and go rtp 94 instead of 96,20 on Sloty overall rtp 92 dunder 96,8 Leo Vegas 96,8
Comment from : zorita gomanu

James Porter
Yggdrasil = IG-DRA-SIL (I heard the word numerous times but I only say it spelled a short while ago)
Comment from : James Porter

kkrispy2009 P
Another great slot session catch up from scotty boi hope you got profit . BTW guys 105 million on the euro lotto on Tuesday thanks
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

danny hill
If anyone deserves a 400x it's you Scotty.. NIce win Pal chuffed for ya 👍👍
Comment from : danny hill

josh atkinson
Sword of Grail has got mega protential I hit £1600 on 60p spins getting up too the 100x
Comment from : josh atkinson

Gary's everywhere scotty, congrats and well done
Comment from : Monicagambler77

Sadio Money
36 doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 15
Comment from : Sadio Money

Sam Kipling
Nice one Scotty lad
Comment from : Sam Kipling

carlo eds19
Nice 😁
Comment from : carlo eds19

ian davies
Amazing lad Gary's everywhere
Comment from : ian davies

John D
Unbelievable Jeff 😎that was sick scotty boy my lad get the fudge in there well done big lad
Comment from : John D

David Driver
Nice one Scotty mate, well deserved.
Comment from : David Driver

callum kelly
666 views 66 likes lol
Comment from : callum kelly

Absolutely buzzing for you! Fab win x
Comment from : caz

On honey rush it depends on what symbol is in the middle yellow box which symbol spreads, ideally you want a diamond in there
Comment from : NUFC DEESY

Nice Scotty 👍 he says how much is that? How much is that? It's Gary's out Gary's out everywhere while he's doing the helicopter in the room 😂😂😂
Comment from : 1984morribhoy

Rachel Neil
Boom 10k on roulette wtf nice one
Comment from : Rachel Neil

Gary Weng
Garys everywhere. Double £10k dream. Completed it mate
Comment from : Gary Weng

Mitch T
Just signed up to Unibet stuck a tenner in , 60p a spin on rainbow Riches 3 spins in got pots for 500x 👌
Comment from : Mitch T

Trumps Hairdresser
Lovely hit on lightning scotty 🐶
Comment from : Trumps Hairdresser

Yiu Chung
Big Up ArrrKiiiD Scotty... Sick #36 - Right Place, Right Time... Booom.. CarChing 5 Figures... Sweeeeeeet....
Comment from : Yiu Chung

he done it again.. legend scotty lad..
Comment from : Billymitch

Ashley Wood
Not really a prize give away is it your being given credit from casinos to make more people deposit and play bit sick really if you ask me
Comment from : Ashley Wood

Garry Barnes
Comment from : Garry Barnes

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