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serba bas
nice bow by the way.
Comment from : serba bas

acktion jackson
Nice video and thank you for not turning the comments off like all these other Lars Anderson haters did. Even if whoever put the video together for him was being a little bit dramatic it doesn't take away from the fact that the dude is seriously talented.
Comment from : acktion jackson

Matt Solazzo
Thank you for this. I think the "leaving out of information" is what puts people off about Lars. He does a lot of showing, but not enough explaining, and leaves out fine details like how exactly he is holding a bunch of arrows in his hand and how he nocks them and so on.
Comment from : Matt Solazzo

Mr. Peters
wth im left handed u jerk lol jk
Comment from : Mr. Peters

Comment from : smirkovs

Lewis Farrell
Thank you so much, this video makes so much sense I was a skilled archer as a kid but trying to get back into archery I had forgot everything, this helped me realise my faults.
Comment from : Lewis Farrell

Modern Mongolians use thumb draw but arrow on the left just to be awkward lol (kidding). You get less string roll off a clean thumb ring release compared to fingers.
Comment from : jonc67uk

Dawah Deutschland
You didnt explain it well. If you reach to your arrows on your back with your right hand and place the arrow on the right side of the bow you save time because you dont have re adjust your grip you just place the arrow on the ride side and you are ready to shoot. And shooting with a high frequency is important if you are riding on a horse into multiple enemies!
Comment from : Dawah Deutschland

Bob Jackson
Along with the Thumb Eastern Draw (is best way to lock the arrow to the bow, No movement at all even on horseback), We use Archery two common Kathras on bow hand to speed the Arrow & overcome Archers Paradox with arrow on right side: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiLDIlNr7N8
Comment from : Bob Jackson

I was living under a rock and didnt hear about Lars Anderson until I saw your video several weeks ago. Initially I was going to purchase a samick sage recurve but after watching your video and Lars I decided on getting a really awesome horse bow. This allows me to shoot from both sides of the bow using either the three finger draw or thumb draw. Modern target archery is just boring. Traditional archery is way more exciting!
Comment from : reln72

Nilo de Oxóssi
This rule applies to bows with rests too? Because I thought that the leading eye determines the side of th arrow.
Comment from : Nilo de Oxóssi

Hans Schmidt
Only 2 informations, but so important!!! Thanks a lot!!
Comment from : Hans Schmidt

bon des
for left handed:
just reserved what he say

Comment from : bon des

Rick A
Shoot how you want. Who gives a rats arse.
Comment from : Rick A

Archery isn't a very popular skill. Lars has done something incredible. He made it more popular. Historical or not, I admire him for what he has done.
One thing you don't mention in your video is that there is no archers paradox if you use khatra. I have never had a straighter arrow flight than in that case. Not even with a center cut recurve bow.
Also, what lars does is not thumb release. It's "slavic" release. And as far as I'm concerned it's the best of both worlds.

Comment from : gizmonomono

Nathaniel Bloch
I dont think you made it clear at all, why would the side on which you place the arrow would have to do with the placement of yours fingers... The archers paradox??? Because the archers parafox would work on one side with one finger and the other side with 3... I dont get your logic? The only difference i could see would be the draw length... But still not related to the result...
Comment from : Nathaniel Bloch

John Grayson
It was many years ago when I learnt archery (back in school) - but we were taught a mix of both. That is, arrow on the right side of the bow, but two finger split finger. So much so that when I first saw people putting the arrow on the left I thought they were shooting incorrectly.
Comment from : John Grayson

megin na
what brand bow is that
Comment from : megin na

Bluey Sc'erri
With the thumb draw, when you pull back the string you are pulling the String (twisting the string) to keep the Arrow in towards the Bow !! When using your fingers (Mediterranean) to pull the string, you do the same thing but the other way round> to keep the arrow into the bow !! I think you`ve missed this point ??
Comment from : Bluey Sc'erri

Cool Daddy
Eastern style?.....this is also the Irish style. The Irish used this type of bow down to the early 1600's.
Comment from : Cool Daddy

Miilu Tonny
is this because its a tradition to shoot that way
or like something happens if like
your head get broken?

Comment from : Miilu Tonny

Great video. I was trying to find out why I sucked so bad shooting thumb side but could find it. Until I randomly happened upon this video so thank you.
Comment from : MAGA

daylon boender
Dumb question like why would it matter; you'd be training all your life with that type of release. So it's all objective.
Comment from : daylon boender

There are dozens of vids showing Mongolian archers shooting with thumb-draw but off the left side of the bow.
Comment from : eqlzr2

When one shoots from the right side of the bow, on an Asian style bow, and you practice "katra", which means that you move the bow away from the arrow as it leaves the string/bow, and thus does not "archer's paradox" occur, because the arrow doesn't need to bend around the riser. That`s why these style of bows do not need a precise spined arrow, then they can shoot several diff. spine arrows, in contrast to the Mediterranean shooting style.
And btw, this was what many people-group trained on from an early age and they did Not use lightweight bows back then, except when training. The War-bows could be from 60- 120Ibs. and maybe more..
And these archer`s were not slow or whatever, but they conquered large land masses because of their archery skill, and the bow they used!

Comment from : Parasim

Gorillaz Clint Eastwood
The cant hide the salty face of your wrong method xD
Comment from : Gorillaz Clint Eastwood

Jordan Wu
Some mongolian archer use thumbdraw while resting the arrow on the left, and persian draw also rest the arrow on the right side while with hands similar to mediterranean.
Comment from : Jordan Wu

Jordan Wu
get a camera stand, your camera man is tired
Comment from : Jordan Wu

You don't need to only use a Mongolian thumb draw to shoot with the arrow on the right side of the bow. the Sassanid draw uses the index finger to stabilize the arrow against the bow, while the ring and middle finger (and even pinky) pull the string. You do not need a thumb ring for the Sassanid draw. As a variation, you can even use the side of your middle finger to press the arrow to the bow, while your index finger helps pull the string on top of the arrow. It really makes the work of drawing easier on your fingers, and most importantly... if you shoot with the arrow on the right side of the bow, you do not need a forearm guard. :)

And yes, shooting on the right is A LOT faster... and you can still draw heavy bows just fine. (Trick: Your puller muscles are a lot weaker than your pusher muscles. Lock the string arm and then push the bow away from you instead of pulling on the string. Drawing even a heavy bow, will be magically easier.) ;)

If it is stupid and it works, it ain't stupid.

Comment from : gatocles99

nald rus
That is more informative....cause I put my arrow on the right side of the bow and I'm confused... Cause I saw a lot on YouTube their putting their arrow on the left.. now with your help now I know thanks a lot.. but I think it's a lot faster to draw or shoot on the right side.... Just saying maybe it's true.
More power to your video

Comment from : nald rus

Copy Cat
I would love to get one of those bows from you and use it..and learn how to shoot arrows
Comment from : Copy Cat

Derek Bartlett
Have you tried the Sassanid draw that goes on the right side? Index finger against the arrow with two fingers under and pinky out? Closer to the Mediterranean with the two fingers underneath, faster load
(pinky either diagonal, touching the string, or pointing straight out like spiderman; currently trying to break it down myself but I HAVE gotten some good results from time to time)

Comment from : Derek Bartlett

Paul Renaudin
Thank you so much. It is so useful
Comment from : Paul Renaudin

I'm glad he emphasized that Lars mistakenly stated is the misconception of ”long lost." Tradition archery in the east still uses right side shooting (easily found on YouTube - middle eastern, Chinese, japanese, Korean - most right-sided). That said, love Lars Anderson doing for the archery community.
Comment from : Nex

mbah ismu
most commentators here doesn't seem to understand eastern archery technique
Comment from : mbah ismu

Yeznik Kazandjian
How do you explain modern day shooters in Mongolia using the thumb draw with the arrow on the left side of the bow?
Comment from : Yeznik Kazandjian

A.vanlallungliana heart
The video doesnt make sense.... did you fail to notice why lars recommend to put the arrow on the right side of the bow.... speed....,,, man, speed shooting....

Thats what you should point out.... in a nutshell not only you didnt shoot at the centre, you miss the whole target ...

Comment from : A.vanlallungliana heart

What's Good
@merlinarchery Does it matter if you're right eye dominant or left?
Comment from : What's Good

Tryggve Larsson
there is a video of a couple of older metro dudes who learn mongol thumb ring stye from a guy in traditional mongol attire. He shows us how you can twist the bow to the left when releasing to reduce or completely negate the archers paradox.
this only works when shooting eastern style of course since the forearm is in the way of the string should you try it mediterranean style. probably takes some time to learn, but definetly worth checking out

Comment from : Tryggve Larsson

Jean Casagrande
Important thing really is that you hit your target xD I aways got puzzled by the so called western style, its just so slow and umpractical to recharge the arrow on your left side using your right hand
Comment from : Jean Casagrande

Jarred Church
I put the arrow on the right side of the bow, I'm left handed. Should have said in western style the arrow is on opposite side of the drawing hand.
Comment from : Jarred Church

Chris Waltman
I thought Lars was pretty clear and the reason is quite obvious. In war you need to fire a bunch of arrows as fast as possible, and in the east on horseback. Arrow on the right makes this much easier. For hunting in a tree stand with a high tech compound bow with sights...well... different mission right? I don't see anyone up in a tree shooting eastern style loosing several arrows at a running animal, that wouldn't be ethical for a clean kill shot. If you are target shooting with no time pressure... hell... that is just serious play..shoot what is more accurate.
Comment from : Chris Waltman

John Thom
He doesn’t say that for a right handed person shooting on the left side of the bow is slow awkward and clumsy., while shooting from the right side is fast, smooth and efficient.
Comment from : John Thom

Blood Eagle 88
Shoot left side for right hand and right side for left hand.
Comment from : Blood Eagle 88

Anwar Choway
أريد واحدا
Comment from : Anwar Choway

Rubbish....Use the side that your brain says to use... I use right side and very well may i add. Left side is all wrong in my opinion..As for the arrow bending round the bow haha ok then
Comment from : 711gsxrblah

Petter Eliseussen
I discovered Lars Andersen some few days ago, and i must say that my moderate interest for archery has been lifted greatly after that. :)

And after seeing the last Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner(that reminded me more about a perfume commercial), i decided it was the last American movie i would see about Robin Hood.
That was until i discovered that those who made the last upcoming movie contacted Lars to learn from him,
and for that reason alone i now look forward to see that movie. :)

I think few people have done so much for the interest of archery as Lars have done in modern time. :)

Comment from : Petter Eliseussen

You are wrong! He dont use a thum ring and it doesnt have any thing to do with archerys paradox www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iLTA43MBuA
Comment from : Gieszkanne

Eskil Kjøs
Think he knows everything
Comment from : Eskil Kjøs

Gib Mattson
Helpful bit of info. Thanks.
Comment from : Gib Mattson

Bryan Vallejo
I can do both sides its very weird
Comment from : Bryan Vallejo

C-car_ 26
you should do a review of the dagger method and you should try shooting the bow and actually getting into it in your vids
Comment from : C-car_ 26

Ao Chen
Thank you for explaining that it involves the archer's paradox! Now I now what all the fuss is about.
Comment from : Ao Chen

Youve just repeated exatly what he has said, please go into more detail
Comment from : GEORGEE T Boom

Emperor Catfish
Great video, and i love the informative but easy-going approach to this explanation. Armin Hirmer has a series of videos that go in-depth about how to shoot Eastern style (including reloading the arrows in draw hand). Looking at getting that kaya bow from your shop too, its gorgeous!
Comment from : Emperor Catfish

Why should it not work using the thumb release with the arrow on the left side? I don't think that it is a question of the archers paradoxon. Maybe you could some practical tests.
Comment from : Rafiq

Caleb Lopez
Comment from : Caleb Lopez

Green Archer
Comment from : Green Archer

Jlewis Media
I clicked off this video but forgot to subscribe and came back cos of that kid lol
Comment from : Jlewis Media

Achmad Fajrul Fikar
Would u mind to show , how it works....
Comment from : Achmad Fajrul Fikar

Tommy Nelson
I shoot with my left hand on the right side
Comment from : Tommy Nelson

Perry Li
So the eastern is on the right and western is on the left like east and west on a compass how do you shoot northern or southern 😂
Comment from : Perry Li

Thank you, i tried shooting on the right side of my bow and was wondering why my arrows didn't fly straight. I tried again using my thumb, and can confirm it works now!
Comment from : Syriph

Joshua Shaffer
what is that bow or bow style called?
Comment from : Joshua Shaffer

This makes zero sense, please look up the definition of paradox and study physics. According to your explanation a mechanical release or a past center cut bow shouldn't shoot well on either side of the bow.
Comment from : T HP

shebba monreal
lars is making people jealous
Comment from : shebba monreal

Brokenrotor 486
So, I'm an amateur archer and bowyer. I've recently made an osage shortbow, I am lefthanded shooting arrow on the right side, using the Mediterranean method? 3 finger. Should I switch to the index and thumb even though I'm a lefty?
Comment from : Brokenrotor 486

San Jose
WOW... people are SO AMAZINGLY jealous and simply REFUSE to give a man credit for NOT ONLY RESEARCHING and CLAIMING people had historically REMARKABLE and ASTOUNDING ARCHER abilities that most people are completely unaware of..... BUT BACKING HIS CLAIMS UP BY PHYSICALLY DEMONSTRATING THESE ABILITIES TO THE WORLD.... LARS ANDERSON IS A WONDERFULLY SKILLED AND ATHLETIC PHENOMENON and there is NO one equal or BETTER... PERIOD end of pathetic story of HUMAN ENVY
Comment from : San Jose

Yuki Yume
I think of it like this.

Position the bow directly vertical. Think of the Bow as the world. Now the top of the bow is North to the Heavens. South to the Earth. The Hand of Man in the middle. Heaven-Man-Earth. or Man lives under Heaven on top of Earth. The style of shooting is simply this: If Man is from the East, his arrow flies to the East (right side of bow). If he lives in the West, his arrow flies to the West (left side of bow).

Comment from : Yuki Yume

sharma ji
lol these are the people who just speaks on youtube nd have 0 talent
Comment from : sharma ji

Mauricio Miranda
Really we need a ring to shoot on the right side? Lmao. We don’t need rings you can train your thumb to not use a ring like I’m doing and I’m new at traditional archery. Yes I’m gonna get a thumb leather ring so I can shoot for an hour or more but now I’m training my right thumb to take the pressure and shoot which is something you can get used to.
Comment from : Mauricio Miranda

Holli Johnson
"the western style" is the wrong term, btw. When archery was common in battles (pretty much through most of human history), archers all over the world used both styles - like displayed in old depictions from different time periods & regions (also some from europe)
I think he means modern sports bow shooting with western style...

Comment from : Holli Johnson

Korova Milk Bar
shiite vid robin hood-lum ..
can ya shake and jump and gulp and titter and winge a LITTLE MORE ..geeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Comment from : Korova Milk Bar

Szabó Péter
How long kaya Windfighter string

Comment from : Szabó Péter

Chris Oliver
your life, your bow, your arrows, just go out and shoot and enjoy it!
Comment from : Chris Oliver

Julius Lennon
He did actually mention that he had to relearn what he knew
Comment from : Julius Lennon

mehmet gencler
Thank you nice video. Is horse riding can be a reason to use right side of the bow?
Comment from : mehmet gencler

Anthony Lane
I once made a bow a couple of years ago, it was really a crappy looking bow and the sides weren’t even, but it’s actually kind of accurate. Part of it is really thick, and the other part is really long but bendy. You just have to find the spot that gives you the most accuracy and find a grouping, and mark certain arrows that don’t group well. Don’t hunt with those. I made it out of maple and it has been sitting out for 3 years, hardening and thickening. I’m going to make another one, preferably out of maple, with a very specific design that I like to make my bows with.the design is to make the bow long, since making it long will relieve tension from the grain when you shoot.
Comment from : Anthony Lane

I down-thumbed the video because you didn't' demonstrate your ability to shoot from the right side of the bow. Also did you just say you made money off the guy's work?
Comment from : geniegogo

Daan Dekker
So my left eye is dominant wich means i am one of the veary few people that is right handed and holds the bow in his right hand (normally hold in left, pull with right). Would it mean that with this eastern style i can use left handed bows while aiming with my left eye?
Comment from : Daan Dekker

mario argueta
But can you bend those arrows in flight tho?
Comment from : mario argueta

Azizi Zul
Well, I'm an eastern archer. What I can say is, who caresto shoot on the left side or right side. I give an example. In eastern archery, mongolian styles use the arrow rest on the left side of the bow even when thumb drawing. Won't it make the arrow fall or move away from the bow when drawing? No, because when drawing mongolian style the arrow is pulled towards below ear and the shaft touch/rest on the cheek thus creating a pivot point where the arrow stay and won't fall off from the bow even though when horseriding. Though that doesn't mean resting the arrow on the right side of the bow is wrong either. Turkish, Korean, Hungarian, Persian, Arabs, Indian, Chinese, Japanese even me shoots arrow from the right side. Won't the arrow fall? Nope, as because my shooting is with thumb draw and my lower index finger are always kinda like holding the nock making it lean towards the bow. So even when horseriding, the arrow won't fall either. Honestly I'm happy that Lars promote eastern archery culture to the west. But I don't like when he calls out that shooting on the right is BETTER than the left. Everyone has their own style.
Comment from : Azizi Zul

Jared Daugherty
The archers paradox is the fact that due to the string firing at the center of the bow and the arrow being set to one side or the other it causes the arrow to flex around the bow. It does not matter which side of the bow the arrow is on, the paradox happens. There are ways to control this, having a proper spine on your arrows to match the power and degree of deflection for your specific bow for example. Some bows are specifically designed to shoot on one particular side, if it has an arrow shelf for instance. I have designed some of my own bows in which the string is offset so that it does not drive directly at the handle but slightly to the side I prefer to shoot from (left side). The fact is if the archer accomplishes his goal his technique does not matter. I do understand that different grips do effect string twist, which effects how easy it is to keep the arrow at rest, but with practice you can eliminate that in your draw. If you are having problems with your accuracy what you are doing is wrong for you, an experienced archer can watch you and help you to develop a technique that works for you. If you goal is to fire 10 arrows in 3 seconds Lars technique is extremely effective. I have spent countless hours trying to increase my rate of fire and independent came to many of the same conclusions as Lars. If you want accuracy at a distance I suggest the technique of English longbow men. Throughout history many techniques have been developed for many different purposes and they are all right because they work, if it doesn't work the strategy is abandoned. It exhaust me to hear all of these different people telling me what is right and wrong when the fact is if something works it is right.
Comment from : Jared Daugherty

Sun Tzu
The Mongols conquered half the world using the right side style, so I'm gonna say that it works better.
Comment from : Sun Tzu

Michael W
Very helpful, thanks.
Comment from : Michael W

What length horse bow should an adult male get? They seem to come on 50, 53, and 57 inches.
Comment from : seattwa

Random _fatguy
I wanna shoot eastern style, but I wanna use the western style finger placements
Comment from : Random _fatguy

Paul Boon
East style for quick draw but what for if you miss.
Comment from : Paul Boon

Dan Means
What bows are shown in this video?
Comment from : Dan Means

Greg Kral
Man, lotsa silly arguments here. Trick shots are fun and increase your skills with your gear, and when there was no youtube, was a great game to have for entertainment and fun not just for battle or hunting. And if your population were dictated by law to practice archery then you know folks are gonna have fun with it and discover some interesting things to do with it. Just have fun with it.
Comment from : Greg Kral

It does matter because the eastern style lets you throw 10 arrows in less than 5 seconds!
Comment from : ChrisDSX

Steve Farling
Actually there are guys shooting with thumb rings and the arrow on the left side of the bow. Apparently with a thumb ring, it makes no difference?
Comment from : Steve Farling

PNW-Plyometrics And Fitness
Thank you dude lol for real, this was very confusing for a beginner archer
Comment from : PNW-Plyometrics And Fitness

Insane Cuckooman
on compound this is a moot point. you shoot from the center. and if it is a combat situation, the person with the compound will probably shoot this speedshooter's head twice before he reaches the distance to even touch him with the arrows.
Comment from : Insane Cuckooman

Antoine Lethel
Thank you man, this left or right thing has been bugging me a lot, seen a lot of what I took for mistake (technically they still are since I've still to see a thumb ring anywhere) almost anytime I see some shooting in a comic or in a movie, really annoying. I'm stilll going to be annoyed, but unlike people less curious, and thanks to you I'll sleep better tonight knowing I'm one more info far from not knowing enough on, well, a little everything. Thank you.
Comment from : Antoine Lethel

Awesome man! I was curious to know that small tidbit. Also thanks for making a concise vid! Keep it up.
Comment from : Joseph

Ty so much I always had a problem with this..... I have a western grip while putting the arrow on the right side :D
Comment from : topponon

i always assumed eastern style was normal. that's just how i would shoot a bow if i had to
Comment from : azclapz

jorge camara girona
Where did you buy your black bow ?
Comment from : jorge camara girona

Ask your self which one has the smoothest release, some native American's used the right side. Try shooting fast with a left side arrow.
Comment from : random269

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