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can i have the measure in cm??? please ???
Comment from : Sonny

Jd Clark
Could you use the slide under the rail cup holders with this table?
Comment from : Jd Clark

Or go to amazon and buy one pre-built :)
Comment from : MAVERICK 42

Frank Brady
question...one step 1 why are you measuring 21 inch when a 4x8 sheet is 24 to center?
Comment from : Frank Brady

Allan Docater
just google woodprix :))
Comment from : Allan Docater

Derek Lee
awesome! but way too much work/time to save few hundred bucks...
Comment from : Derek Lee

alejandro garcia
hola. puede hacer decirme cuales son las medidas para una mesa pequeña o de heads-up? thanks
Comment from : alejandro garcia

Darrell Combs
Brybelly speed cloth 50.00
Folding legs 60.00
Vinyl 60.00
Volara tabel foam 36.00
Casino supply 1in x54x105 foam 70.00
Router bit 25.00
Palm sander and paper 80.00
3/4 Forster bit 15.00
Jigsaw blades 15.00
Hex head bolt 10.00
3m spray adhesive 36.00
Wood glue 5.00
1/4 screw pack 8.00
3/4 plywood 40.00
Total cost= 510.00 approx
Doesn't include jigsaw, stapler,handtools,clamps,ducktape.

Comment from : Darrell Combs

Benjamin Comfort
That's a pretty small table. Definitely wouldn't want to try to fit 10 people at it. No spot for a dealer either.
Comment from : Benjamin Comfort

Tim D
I'll just buy one
Comment from : Tim D

Michael Corcel
Many areas where you can make this build easier. Forget the bolts, just screw up from underneath. You can still remove easily when you want or need to replace the rail material. Add the legs after the first cut, then all work will be done standing up not crawling around on your knees. Now for the table top foam, don't go all the way to the edge, lay the rail down and cut foam only as big as the play area, not under the rail, it will create a better edge on the play surface. It will be a more square edge where table top and rail meet. That where players stack their chips, you want that edge as square as possible, I didn't do that early on with my builds and I've seen more than my fair share of chip stacks toppling over. Foam from a fabric store works great and cheap, 1/2 inch table top foam and 3 inch rail foam. Fabric store such as Joann's have an email coupon 40% off makes the foam extremely inexpensive. And as Rahul Kumar stated, cup holders in the rail is a must. Makes making the rail a little longer but so worth it.
Comment from : Michael Corcel

Dimitris Politis
or you could've just bought this one tinyurl.com/yatrz2rg
Comment from : Dimitris Politis

This is awesome and a fun weekend project. It's built better than the crap from Amazon/Walmart, is cheaper and you can feel a sense of satisfaction telling your buddies "I made it with my two hands." Rather than, "I charged it to my credit card and unboxed it." Really nice work. How does the cloth hold up to spills? Why didn't you use washers on the last step? It seems like a simple pan washer would work well without digging into the material. Anyhow, just curious. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : bicivelo

ed carr
Where can I get the 1" open foam and the vynil cover?
Comment from : ed carr

Just got done building mine based off of your video. Definitely not as good but it's not bad
Comment from : MYWORD

Or just buy a bad ass table!
Comment from : socalcraigster

Antonia Figueroa
Muy bueno tu video
Comment from : Antonia Figueroa

maa-iin-gun B
That's a massive bumper.
Comment from : maa-iin-gun B

The Forgotten Man
How many players is this good for?
Comment from : The Forgotten Man

Josh Parsons
Anybody know any vids showing how to build a table that folds down the middle so it's really portable
Comment from : Josh Parsons

Jayden Brumous
Just go to woodprix website if you want to know how to make it yourself.
Comment from : Jayden Brumous

Sanjeev Ghimire
What was the overall cost?
Comment from : Sanjeev Ghimire

slurpz tv
How many people does this hold?
Comment from : slurpz tv

Rahul Kumar
shouldve added cupholders
Comment from : Rahul Kumar

Starr Stewart
just google woodprix :))
Comment from : Starr Stewart

Rodrigo de Souza Ramos
Muito legal :)
Comment from : Rodrigo de Souza Ramos

Jayden Brumous
Really enjoy it. Let's check woodprix plans also.
Comment from : Jayden Brumous

David Carlin
Any plans to do a video on a DIY craps table? I think I can apply some of what you did here, but could really use a solid step by step plan!
Comment from : David Carlin

nice one,best so far great job boyz
Comment from : KidCudi

Thank for sharing, your video is the best I could find so far on YouTube . It gives the most detailed instruction.
Comment from : dsomlit

Sherryl Keith
with stodoys plans doing something like that was easy.
Comment from : Sherryl Keith

Bucky Khronic
Comment from : Bucky Khronic

Fact Rage
Comment from : Fact Rage

Stella 341
For 30 more bucks ill just buy one
Comment from : Stella 341

Michael Villarreal
where did you buy the 1/4" CC foam?
Comment from : Michael Villarreal

Tony O'Neill
how much were materials?
Comment from : Tony O'Neill

Fairlee Made
What do you advise doing for legs?
Comment from : Fairlee Made

For written instructions including every step go to www.pokerlistings.com/build-your-own-diy-poker-table-and-level-up-your-home-game-for-cheap-98916
Comment from : PokerListings

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