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Anubhav Verma
Mujhe I d cahiye mil jae gi
Comment from : Anubhav Verma

Anubhav Verma
Comment from : Anubhav Verma

Diaz Diaz
They win and the second they win they do rebet . And if you play like this whit 1000/2000 euro bets . Then i believe that 20k is zero in like 2 weeks
Comment from : Diaz Diaz

123 123
I want to see top 5 biggest lose top.
Comment from : 123 123

Carlo Cad

Wow win!

Comment from : Carlo Cad

Maliotod Butel
So How Can i try a free spins without depposit?
Comment from : Maliotod Butel

Rich Brown
Can someone tell me more about the live streamers all betting in groups? I’m probably interested in that
Comment from : Rich Brown

Marin Petru Rosca
Paul the best streamer ever! I love rokenrolla!
Comment from : Marin Petru Rosca

your #2 is actually lower then the others because its swedish kr. so its around 2,3k euro or 2,5k dollars
Comment from : CptChrizzo

Andreas Nielsen
LOL number 3 is winning waaaaay more than number 2. 25.000kr is only only 3500 euros
Comment from : Andreas Nielsen

Try Rty
Comment from : Try Rty

Tom Russo
rocknrolla should have all 5 spots the last one is his biggest win but he has other vids beating all the other 4 spots
Comment from : Tom Russo

Showme Dumuny
Jarut hit a bigger 1. Add that to the next video u do
Comment from : Showme Dumuny

The 2nd one wasn’t that big because he won 25k swedish money which is about $ 2,5k
Comment from : Rojo

Demo Dave at number 4.
Comment from : Nodrodsky

antonio ivanov
Comment from : antonio ivanov

Finally, a montage of the best of online gamblers. I watch all these guys. Thanks for this!
Comment from : GuitaristJayy

Peter Edwards
they never show ya want they have lost tho eh
Comment from : Peter Edwards

mike turbin
Pure bullshit
Comment from : mike turbin

Last win is a fake. From 1£ to 10.000£ and stake over 20k
Comment from : MegaWhiteman666

mohammed ali
128,600 bitcoin 😳
Comment from : mohammed ali

keiran timson
Generally people throw or break things when they lose alot of money, not when they win.
Comment from : keiran timson

callum mepsted
i turned 1k$ into 150k$ in 3 days.
Comment from : callum mepsted

callum mepsted
my biggest win is 55k and i wont a total of 150k till i lost it all 6 days later.
Comment from : callum mepsted

Adam Prescott
Comment from : Adam Prescott

Adam Prescott
@rocknrolla see ho number 1 haha
Comment from : Adam Prescott

Adam W
Yea all scumbags!!!fake ass streamers play fake money 🖕🏻🖕🏻
Comment from : Adam W

Jim Jimmy
Demo Dave playing with the casinos money
Comment from : Jim Jimmy

U.K Boxing
Rolla number 1 go on
Comment from : U.K Boxing

Jack C
72000£ not a big win wouldn’t mind it
Comment from : Jack C

Naomi Denzell
Horrible videos.
Comment from : Naomi Denzell

Learn conversion these are not big wins
Comment from : ZoTac

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