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오픈톡 원더풀홀덤 (모바일가능)
Comment from : 오픈톡원더풀홀덤

tait perch
star again few times cause always forget what happens before
Comment from : tait perch

just for once id like to see how average joes play poker, im starting to get sick and tired of hearing pros saying how to play other pros, im not phil ivey and the rest of the phils and im not daniel negreanu! i could easily exploit someones small ball strategy by bluffing them out of the pot after they flat call before the flop in position! there is no perfect strategy in poker. everyone can and will lose on the basis of equality lol poker is a zero sum game
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Noel Blake
Goddamn the wpt channel is a pain to watch mostly commercials promotions it's annoying has fuck
Comment from : Noel Blake

Craig Flick
They sure put the d in smart...p.s.
I think new England Patriots won the super bowl last year. ..?

Comment from : Craig Flick

Craig Flick
bluff, value...YAP YAP YAP YAP Yap
Comment from : Craig Flick

Brandon Bockman
It's just a loop. CLICK BAIT 100%
Comment from : Brandon Bockman

Wesley Wyane
The Gardens used to be a tent in a parking lot.. lol this is no lie.. it's super nice now though.. 90 mil well spent
Comment from : Wesley Wyane

why do they start off with different amounts
Comment from : XOVO

Comment from : vinjulieann1

Mr. 2Thumbs
The girl messing with her chips nonstop deserves to die in a horrible way. Preferably after having her fucking fingers ripped off with a pair of rusty pliers.
Comment from : Mr. 2Thumbs

How many chromosomes does jake have ?
Comment from : Kilnmaster

Paul Roos
1:11 when men hit the set ace on turn, its risky but he maybe could have tried to make it look like a bluff and bet as much as could get away with
Comment from : Paul Roos

Paul Roos
When this announcer says king jackoff, the editing fun his buds could have,
Comment from : Paul Roos

Jennifer 6strings
Comment from : Jennifer 6strings

Don Amundson
Very poor commentary and very poor audio quality.
Comment from : Don Amundson

Greg Sears
Glad to see Men the Nose picking Master go out in 3rd. God he is so terrible. How in the fuck did he make it this far?
Quit picking your nose Men.

Comment from : Greg Sears

Da Butzi
that decoltee is pretty distracting, is that allowed??
Comment from : Da Butzi

creep zoe
Does it need to show boob when women play poker? lol
Comment from : creep zoe

Viktor Krantz
I wonder where this tournament was held and how much the price money was? Did they ever mention that?
Comment from : Viktor Krantz

Johnny Ralte
sooooo boring
Comment from : Johnny Ralte

marcus Aurelius
shitty commentators.
Comment from : marcus Aurelius

Connor Detiveaux
Comment from : Connor Detiveaux

Lilliana Mercedes Ochoa
MIKE SEXTON SAVE US!!!! Narrator to the rescue PLEASE! Commentator whatever someone please! Fck man!
Comment from : Lilliana Mercedes Ochoa

Lilliana Mercedes Ochoa
Jesus Christ this is probably one of the driest stalest most boring games I’ve ever watched. I’m about to fall asleep right there with min win. No wonder he was crapping out.
Comment from : Lilliana Mercedes Ochoa

Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa
Why are the cards different colors
Comment from : Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa

Morkel Jakeson
This is the most uncharismatic host I’ve ever heard. Compare this guy’s high school voice to the wsop hosts
Comment from : Morkel Jakeson

Steven Phillipson
these announcers were the worst i have ever encountered. this would have been much more enjoyable if the usual pair was broadcasting
Comment from : Steven Phillipson

Darnall Gott
Hi. Awesome video.
Comment from : Darnall Gott

Neil Hartley
What a yawn I just made
Comment from : Neil Hartley

Gerald Miller
I need to call you when you’re in’ I need more info on the poker night I have a question thanks
Comment from : Gerald Miller

lots andlots
OMG someone tell the commentators to stfu. Talking about the same shit for 6 hours
Comment from : lots andlots

lots andlots
If anyone wants to watch this final, fast forward it 4.5 hours then watch it. zzzzzz
Comment from : lots andlots

lots andlots
3 mill prize pool and only 500k to the winner wow
Comment from : lots andlots

Pat Fagan
commentating sucks jesus christ
Comment from : Pat Fagan

Clayton Copeland
1:06:44, "Jared, King Jackoff in the small blind" lol
Comment from : Clayton Copeland

Ke Bo
The games are great but the commentary is ridiculously stupid (around 5:25) for example
Comment from : Ke Bo

Anthony Chiem
Hi I from Astralia
Comment from : Anthony Chiem

Jacob Elton
Diahrrea of the mouth commentating.
Comment from : Jacob Elton

Wilson Feist
1:38:56 who paused their video to see if there was an alarm going off😂
Comment from : Wilson Feist

I agree that the sound was terrible. The conversation between players was even worse. This a shout out to the "Chairman" of WPT. Lets see some standards met.
Comment from : Pointpilot

Wingfu Fung
pls don't ignore Asians, we love pokers.
Comment from : Wingfu Fung

Vangalen Emji
Comment from : Vangalen Emji

Idk why but the hand where craig had a pair of 10s against jared with KJ was fucking hilarious, a little after the 1hr mark
Comment from : Nomad13

Jiraiya Lawliet
So can someone help me they are advertising 4 color suit decks but when i see the flop it only looks red and black to me can someone help me maybe im colorblind. Also stop at 4:36:00 and press play greatest cut i mean bust ever.
Comment from : Jiraiya Lawliet

Norbert Krausz
dugd fel a k3ad
Comment from : Norbert Krausz

Valerian Albrecht
great poker sess!
Comment from : Valerian Albrecht

Mark Garin
Announcers should focus on game not a geography lesson.
Comment from : Mark Garin

That dealer has to be a man.
Comment from : Commentor1

We need mike and Vince back
Comment from : L G

Huntz Kushe
Stahhhp shuffling the damn chips!
Comment from : Huntz Kushe

Tyler Franklin
Play starts at 14:26
Comment from : Tyler Franklin

hunter m
Wow these guys are horrid commentators. Unclear who is betting what from what position even
Comment from : hunter m

Jie Li
saya so ugly
Comment from : Jie Li

Jimmy Tordillo
Men u still a donkey mother's father
Comment from : Jimmy Tordillo

FFS, stop playing with your chips. Next to scratching nails on a board its the most annoying sound ever!
Comment from : eBenkyou

batang alaeh
Shut up commentator you guys make me sick !
Comment from : batang alaeh

batang alaeh
Men you play like a little girl stupid!
Comment from : batang alaeh

Baby Pure
I play cash games and wouldnt stand this..people taking 5min per street..ridiculous
Comment from : Baby Pure

call police 911
Comment from : JerryBN

for the discerning player, guess how pro players make their money, by beating fish at cash games
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Jeffrey Wright
1. Gus Hansen
2. Mike Matusow
3. Johnny Chan
4. Raj Singh
5. Michael Mizrachi
6. Scottie Nguyen
7. Chris Money Maker
8. Todd Brunson
9. Jon Juanda
10. Vince Van Patten =)

Comment from : Jeffrey Wright

Jonathan Woods
Thank you for the last commentator. Actually made the last hour or two tolerable
Comment from : Jonathan Woods

77777 Albanian G
Men ...fold 2 time with AQ..and AK ...and going all in with 10 7 what a player idiot !!!
Comment from : 77777 Albanian G

Josh Ayala
She fidgets way too much
Comment from : Josh Ayala

hmong talk
No real action on this table...
Comment from : hmong talk

I scrolled down to comment on how awful these commenters are but was pleased to see others had done the work for me.
Comment from : dannyb1379

Philip Tucker
The commentary is GOD AWFUL. Why don't they get some legit poker super stars or go back to Mike and Vince. I haven't watched any of the New WPT with these shitty commentators.
Comment from : Philip Tucker

Saya is sexy af
Comment from : TheBionicleRocks

the commentary is missing all the action from the table.
Comment from : Dove

Chris Leslie
Volume too low and this has to be one of the least aggressive final tables I've ever seen.
Comment from : Chris Leslie

ankita lokhande
commentries are always like that
Comment from : ankita lokhande


Comment from : 荒畑寒村

Double Ghod
I hate when the hosts say shit like, "Oh, he's gonna check/raise." If a player raises it is understood that he checked, and any mention of a 'check' is redundant.
Comment from : Double Ghod

Levi Chapin
You can tell their rooting for Jake. 6.5 hrs in.
Comment from : Levi Chapin

Jeff Stone
Except for Mike Sexton, the announcing sucked! Not to mention the audio quality sucked too.
Comment from : Jeff Stone

Patrick McCartney
Comment from : Patrick McCartney

John Gerva
Saya Ono :)
Comment from : John Gerva

Josh Baker
This is way more enjoyable muted unfortunately. The announcers and production are terrible
Comment from : Josh Baker

Josh Baker
Comment from : Josh Baker

OB just
Comment from : OB just

Andre Botha
I stopped watching any poker that isnt commentated by Joe Stapleton.
Also, I expect more from WPT, the production value on this is extremely low and amateurish.

Comment from : Andre Botha

Simply Human
There should be a dress code for women - NO EXPOSED CLEAVAGE!
Comment from : Simply Human

Simply Human
First hand dealt at 14:30
Comment from : Simply Human

James Fondren
yeah they talk toooooo much. It was nice that they explained the shot clock about 18:00, HOWEVER, if they had not been babbling at the beginning of the stream we all could have just listened to the T.D. explain everything they re-explained in the first hour of talking.
Comment from : James Fondren

Annoying commentators.
Comment from : 4u25out

Mitch McDizzle
Every time this guy says "Men the Master" a kitten drowns in boiling oil
Comment from : Mitch McDizzle

Ill go all in on those tits!! DAMN Saya!
Comment from : E P

I'm done - this shit is watching paint dry - worse - it's watching a bunch of impotent sociopaths trying to fuck each other.
Comment from : Frank

That little china piece has a nice rack
Comment from : Frank

That clown show named Men the Master looks and acts like a real creep - actually a psychopath and sociopath all in one - really bad news. Was he actually ever a good player or has he always been included for the clown show factor?
Comment from : Frank

I wonder if the creep with the blue mirrored sunglasses knows everyone can read his hand when he looks at it. Also wonder if the same guy realizes he is gender confused with the facial hair that makes his mouth look like a bushy vagina.
Comment from : Frank

These creeps (the players) should get lives - this shit is such a waste of time
Comment from : Frank

Jesse C
People say poker is dead. They say you can't make money in it anymore. I'm crushing online poker with better players in almost every single field, minus Jake Schindler. If you came here because you're interested in poker, then this comment is for you : Poker is not dead. People still suck. Work hard and even if you don't you could still donk off and bang 5th place or better in a WPT, but that doesn't mean you're good.
Comment from : Jesse C

If these guys would shut up and call the game I might have watched the rest of it.... wannabe stars
Comment from : TJ

Serge Sam
Green, Blue card lol so ugly
Comment from : Serge Sam

Yohana Wilcox
are my tits still popping out? 28:45 ... yeah
Comment from : Yohana Wilcox

The Simple Life Show
i want to punch jared right in the twat
Comment from : The Simple Life Show

Saya has some nice tits, I dont think that was planned though.
Comment from : Ghost

Sara Ramos
camel toe 4:36:30
Comment from : Sara Ramos

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