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This guy was right, gold is trading at $1,528.90/oz today. But he was wrong about bitcoin, it performed way better than gold this year.
Comment from : AvariceUntied

Jawad Hassan
Any positive prospects of Silver Price in near future.?
Comment from : Jawad Hassan

CT Design
gold is not going to make big moves till about 2022
Comment from : CT Design

Stand Skeleton Randy Frushour
In the seemless global climate a mideast war say between key players gold could soar far far beyond the figures here referred. Be careful.
Comment from : Stand Skeleton Randy Frushour

Brian DeMers
Jesus saves
Comment from : Brian DeMers

Jordan Lisson
Silver will outperform gold. Look at the ratio right now. 85 ounces of silver equal one ounce of gold. That ratio will drop dramatically. Look at history.......... sell your gold and buy silver right now.
Comment from : Jordan Lisson

Ron Zager
At the moment there is no interest whatsoever in Gold Stocks. Gold is flat for the year but the miners are mostly at 10 year lows.
Comment from : Ron Zager

Malibu 340
Spent one ounce worth of gold on bitcoin 6 years ago. Managed to buy a new suit , oh and a couple of other things as well . Even bought the ounce back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Malibu 340

georgios gusos
...we want gold rise to 2200...silver over 60....
Comment from : georgios gusos

wayne mcclory
I went to my local coin shop today and it was packed with people buying gold and silver coins! Luckily he still has some for meeeee
Comment from : wayne mcclory

Lou Kane
I'm in physical cannabis 😂
Comment from : Lou Kane

Gordon D Krbavac
Comment from : Gordon D Krbavac

Gordon D Krbavac
Right now is the time to buy ?What? I couldn’t hear Tucker’s last word.
Anyone know lease ?

Comment from : Gordon D Krbavac

Randell Darcky
Metals will always be worth something. The dollar, works as TP and Bitcoin is E-digits. What are going to do with those? At least you can wipe yourself with the Holy dollar
Comment from : Randell Darcky

Bitcoin bubble popped? Bitcoin was never in a bubble ...Just normal cycling for Crypto Currency...
Comment from : damnright4

harry viking
gold silver or a few kilos of pot! lol! then you can enjoy yourself with gold in one hand and a joint in the other!! nothing beats that!!! /////and screw the problem of this planet....big money!!/
Comment from : harry viking

harry viking
Daniela is the gold here....
Comment from : harry viking

1500 would still be way lower than the highs of this decade.
Comment from : scooby196I

Dude virtually all Indians in the upper castes own gold and lots of it.
Comment from : PunjabiSikhRajput1

c3p O
Gold to 1375!
Comment from : c3p O

Cryptos are down at least 80% this year as gold shines on....the ONLY true safe haven and much much more coming.
Comment from : Gladamgone

Bob Silver
Everyone should be buying the most undervalued asset on planet earth...and that is silver. Should be $1000, and its $14, greatest buy in the history of the world!
Comment from : Bob Silver

Dino A OK
Key numbers for Silver is 15 then 20 then 50 dollars. Once 50 breaks watch out.
Comment from : Dino A OK

logans run

Not gunna happen.

Comment from : logans run

Tibor Z
Buy Bitcoin. It's a safe heaven! Only crashed 80%! Buy cheap! Hahaha
Comment from : Tibor Z

tim maybanks
I don't believe it yet
Comment from : tim maybanks

Joshua Fausset
It is hilarious this guy starts by saying “...we know there’s a bubble when people just believe in it...” and then turns around and says “...gold is money... it just is...”. I am a believer in metals and cryptos. Don’t be so smug to believe metals stand alone though. That’s more hubris than ignorance. His voice inflects that as well.
Comment from : Joshua Fausset

FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com
Comment from : FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com

J White
It will have years where it doubles or triples in price. Might not happen for ten years though
Comment from : J White

Sam Adams
Niles Crane?
Comment from : Sam Adams

Massimo Mandarino
Comment from : Massimo Mandarino

Mike OZ
LOL been hearing this rubbish since 2012. Will you people never give up on your propaganda?
Comment from : Mike OZ

Rich The Nepabadger
I could watch her all day.
Comment from : Rich The Nepabadger

_tHE Enabler?
I want to see silver break 15
Comment from : _tHE Enabler?

Manuel Ceballos
woohoo 😉
Comment from : Manuel Ceballos

Max Freedom
Daniela more gorgeous by the day.

Silver Triple Digits before you know it.

Comment from : Max Freedom

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