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although I enjoy your videos I don't see the enjoyment or fun it gives you by putting a card in to do the work. also do you have a goal or is it win or give your money to the casino?? I go to have fun (lose my money) but half the fun is pushing the buttons. I hope you win all the time.
Comment from : trek60

JS Okla
How do you play without pushing any buttons???
Comment from : JS Okla

Waterburner Zero Six
Think ya squeezed just about all the juice outta that one. Looked like it needed to get a refill on the Crazy Cherry Juice.
Tks for sharing.

Comment from : Waterburner Zero Six

Hanging wit tha Browns
Do you play at the new building or the old one? And which one you like better
Comment from : Hanging wit tha Browns

Jb back there talking... nice wins also.. love choctaw!!
Comment from : TheMom27girls

T-Town Gambler
Very nice hits🍀🍀
Comment from : T-Town Gambler

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures
Some very nice wins ☘️👍🎰
Comment from : Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures

LaShawn Brown
Those were some great wins. Looking forward to more videos
Comment from : LaShawn Brown

I played these up here in the Tulsa area earlier this evening and did the same thing, took me about 30-45 mins to get up to 800$ and it just kept bouncing back and forth, but eventually after an hour I cashed out at 1000. Our machines up here are also on a progressive jackpot that is currently up to 540k+ . The card trick doesnt work up here in any of these casino's, I have to constantly keep switching hands in order to spin, really annoys me. Wish ours allowed us to just put card in like that to keep it going.
Comment from : Lucixir

Dondada Fosho
Keep at it local one, Nice win! 🤘💯
Comment from : Dondada Fosho

Janyce Mabra
Awesome run. Congrats.
Comment from : Janyce Mabra

Tiffany Mills Slot Channel
Love them Cherries! Red screen was nice always! great win! Keep that bank rolling! Best of luck.
Comment from : Tiffany Mills Slot Channel

What kind of jet eye mind trick is this no one is pushing any buttons
Comment from : CASSAN4DRA Bean

Chris & Ty Cox - Slots
Nice! Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Chris & Ty Cox - Slots

Lamesha Roberts
Comment from : Lamesha Roberts

Teresa Ortiz
Awesome live play...Some great hits...Thank you for sharing...Keep on winning...🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : Teresa Ortiz

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