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Aww, NorCal looks so cute with a 5 o'clock shadow ^_^
Comment from : newyorkfan16

From all the fans of coin-operated gaming history, thank you for this video! Fun times!
Comment from : uhfvidiot

Cassie n
I could tell where u are from the background I may have a gambling problem
Comment from : Cassie n

carol-ann garcia
we still have coin casinos in nz in our local pubs but its $2 coins. When i went to the usa years ago and went to Reno i thought i was so rich and couldnt carry all the quarters lol when i won on a machine forgot it wasnt $2 coins lol so y'all come on down and play our coin machines lol
Comment from : carol-ann garcia

Clay Martin
Do you play 9/6 on video poker
Comment from : Clay Martin

Chris Boltong
How come you didn’t keep 2 pair in your last hand and only kept a pair of 4’s? :)
Comment from : Chris Boltong

Mel Gonzalez
It slows you down and it's sooo fun. Dirty hands are worth it. Vegas is so smart to use paper now. They take it fast. Go to el cortez and play My cousin Vinnie machine. It's fun
Comment from : Mel Gonzalez

Vic T Slots
I cant wait to meet you when you're in Vegas this month!!
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Alisa Jett
Q and A; Whenever you hit a hand pay do you have to show your social security card?? Don't know if you have to bring it with you when gambling.
Comment from : Alisa Jett

Michael Fung
got 2 handpays on mighty cash
Comment from : Michael Fung

Bob Zangar
Mighty not so cash.
Comment from : Bob Zangar

Dancing Freak
At least you got some of your money back.
Comment from : Dancing Freak

Claudia Irons
Draggoons!! Thank you for the video! WIN WIN WIN
Comment from : Claudia Irons

Kathy Carl
I love poker I just can't afford to play it the way I would like to
Comment from : Kathy Carl

Steven Brodsky
yay ... old school coin payout .... i miss them so !!!!
Comment from : Steven Brodsky

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos
That was Fun! I was just in Vegas and I saw those same video poker games that paid out in coins. How funny to think that whole casinos were filled with games that paid out in coins not that long ago. Fun Video!!!
Comment from : My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Patrick Osborn
That guy has no business playing slots lol
Comment from : Patrick Osborn

Judith HAYES
I remember carrying buckets, or tall plastic glasses to put the coins in.Aging myself!!!!
Comment from : Judith HAYES

Rare Form
Bring coin Machines Back or Some ..The Hopper is Full !
Comment from : Rare Form

Alexandr Rusakov
✌ 😸 ✌
Comment from : Alexandr Rusakov

ElvisCorvette Slots
Love Brother NorCal.
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Wolfgang Palmquist
Looks like the Fremont hotel
Comment from : Wolfgang Palmquist

leeann erickson
I absolutely love see channels sit with fans an play , even if it is once in a while cause i know you could not do all the time lol you would have no time , loved the video !
Comment from : leeann erickson

Kevin Karron
Love those old poker machines
Comment from : Kevin Karron

Diana Cooper
Love the Fremont casino
Comment from : Diana Cooper

Terry Lo
That was a cool coin slot machine! Wish they still had them in Louisiana. 😎
Comment from : Terry Lo

Betty Camacho
I so remember carrying buckets around with quarters back in the day
Comment from : Betty Camacho

su Yianni
Coins. Love um. Xx
Comment from : su Yianni

The Slot Cats
Love that you played video poker! Oh and coins too! 😆😆😻😻
Comment from : The Slot Cats

Gerg C
Hey Leslie ;)
Comment from : Gerg C

Juan Bran
Nice Work Brian bless You from Guatemala👋😎
Comment from : Juan Bran

Sara Harvey Smokin’ Slots
Well, this video was big fun! Thanks for making it! 😁
Comment from : Sara Harvey Smokin’ Slots

Pat C.
I do not miss the old school slot machines. You had to carry around the bucket and constantly standing in line to cash them in. And sometimes you would forget and leave the bucket and go back and find it gone! Ugh! Then your hands would get so grimy and dirty! Tito's are a blessing!
Comment from : Pat C.

NorCal..where’s your mom?..Thanks Brian!
Comment from : gumby2412

PJ Slots & Entertainment
That was cool to just jump on a machine with your fans!
Comment from : PJ Slots & Entertainment

Justin Z
Comical 😂😂😂
Comment from : Justin Z

Mark Koeppel
I love old coin machines
Comment from : Mark Koeppel

Maria Perez
I do miss the original slots machines in Las Vegas! Thanks for playing Poker Brian! Good Luck always Brian. 😱😎🌈
Comment from : Maria Perez

Zach Hall
As someone who was turned 21 after the TITO system took over I'd really like to play in a coin casino! The closest I've gotten to it is playing coin pushers at Dave & Buster's, filling up buckets with tokens and chips. I definitely wouldn't want to do it all the time but it'd be a fun experience!
Comment from : Zach Hall

Eric Mollenhour
What a fun video. Thanks BC :)
Comment from : Eric Mollenhour

Joseph George
You had 2 pair on the last poker hand that you only held one.
Comment from : Joseph George

kazumo maeda
Yes get off...yall dont know how to play
Comment from : kazumo maeda

I remember back when tickets were first out, people loved them at the beginning. Now they are a pain because almost every kiosk in a casino, doesn't work anymore.
Comment from : Will090681

Love the Boyd Downtown properties!(Fremont, California and Main Street Station.)
Comment from : Will090681

Wendy P
Mighty cash has not been kind to me either 😑
Comment from : Wendy P

Kiwi NZ
Yeahhhh baybeeee! Win us some moola 😜😜😜
Comment from : Kiwi NZ

Jean Hunter
Comment from : Jean Hunter

Doris Keerezey
Good day from Tampa fl
Comment from : Doris Keerezey

Jeff D
You can't win on those machines
Comment from : Jeff D

Jose Dovalina
Good morning everybody!
Comment from : Jose Dovalina

Nathalie Dore
It’s a beautiful morning.🎶
Comment from : Nathalie Dore

Good mornin' ! I'm up working , what a nice surprise for my break!
Comment from : 1927su

Ronnie O
Insomnia time... Rude!
Comment from : Ronnie O

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