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Syahrul Mubarok
400x11x12=52.800 bruuuh
Comment from : Syahrul Mubarok

patter dale
What an annoying fucker the the 1st 1 was
Comment from : patter dale

DoA II while playing with bonus money?
Comment from : shixXxo

Stefan Petersen
Omg Bruder muss weg
Comment from : Stefan Petersen

ruosi pan
Comment from : ruosi pan

Captain Shonko
That missed Jammin Jars strawberry hit for 50K+ NOK, savage!
Comment from : Captain Shonko

Ist Egal
Was für ein unfassbarer Spast ganz am Anfang... direkt einfach eine Schelle
Comment from : Ist Egal

Julian Henke
oh mein gott bruder, halt die fresse
Comment from : Julian Henke

Isit considered unlucky when u hit 11 Wilds on DoA2 bonus, but u actually dont form a Single Wildline? :D Crazy win that couldve been Multiplied by Crazyness with 1 tiny switch of a Symbol
Comment from : MasterK18

Jonas COC
SvensOmat bester Mann
Comment from : Jonas COC

arnold werner
Svensomat ist super!
Comment from : arnold werner

Tim Möbius
Der erste ist aber richtig korrekt eigentlich :D
Comment from : Tim Möbius

Leon Poerting
Wir fahren jetzt nach Mediamarkt 😂👌
Comment from : Leon Poerting

dummy ssr300
Oh mein gott bruder.
Comment from : dummy ssr300

swizzLa The One
junkies aus dem armenhaus 😴
Comment from : swizzLa The One

was für affen im ersten video
Comment from : olf

Ohhh Billy Hahahahahahahahah Epic one Reggie !!! WTF 17000x without Wildline?? looks like Record^^
Comment from : OmegaSlots

Blair Whyte
Vittu vittu vittu vittu
Comment from : Blair Whyte

bentley woon
The rise of merlin got all the symbols wtf ?! That’s insane
Comment from : bentley woon

1514157008 papara no yardım ederseniz iyi olur

Nice Cashout
Some  juicy wins!
Comment from : Nice Cashout

Dr. Lorand
Gönn digga, gönn böse digga, muss heftig weg, der hier unten schmeckt heftig digga

Kann jemand dem Typen mal sagen, wie unfassbar lächerlich er sich anhört?
Wie kann man denn unsere Sprache so dermaßen vergewaltigen, kotz würg

Comment from : Dr. Lorand

Wild Chaser
Junge du bist nicht Montana ohne Witz.. Peinlich.
Comment from : Wild Chaser

Go away with these pathetic 9p, 20p and 35p stakes lmfao losers.


Comment from : CJ88x

Nicht mal Roshtein:

Kevin: OMG BRUDA !!!

Comment from : Jakuma

Sam Duckford
Had to skip the first one wow never been so annoyed watching a clip hahaha
Comment from : Sam Duckford

Jamie Evans
The Simpsons editing had me in stitches!
Comment from : Jamie Evans

was ein vogel der erste..
Comment from : MerkurStar

Hello im the first Guy 😄 Erstmal danke das ich dabei bin. War es mir also zurecht peinlich was in diesem Moment aus mir kam 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😆 Da sieht man mal wie 5000x einem das Hirn wegschallern können 💩
Comment from : SvensOmat

Benjy Dale
Congrats to Novoliners for maxing out Rise of Merlin :-)
Comment from : Benjy Dale

William Spence
Were some of these videos recorded on a potato?
Comment from : William Spence

Fabian Timmers
That miss, poor guy missed out on 100k+ what a bs, but hey its called gambling for a reason
Comment from : Fabian Timmers

Cosman kasa
I will never play again Jammin Jars
Comment from : Cosman kasa

Bro the last guy on Dead or Alive 2 played with bonus money rip him
Comment from : iBs_Hoazla

Daniel Lewandowski
Was that Lil Devil bonus the super bonus from full hearts or just the regular bonus?
Comment from : Daniel Lewandowski

Henrik Fellman
19:34 . Thank you Casinogrounds for making me laugh out my pizza I was chewing on all over my screen xD
Comment from : Henrik Fellman

kLx ́
An was für einem krassen Hirnschaden leidet der erste bitte?!
Comment from : kLx ́

Daniel M.
Und jetzt alle zusammen ! Oh mein Gott bruder
Comment from : Daniel M.

Cameron Marshall
That jammin jars one give me goosebumps, that was life changing money right there
Comment from : Cameron Marshall

Tom Gabe
More than 52k.... gone
Comment from : Tom Gabe

This OneGuy
That first video is the cringiest thing I’ve may have ever seen. Especially the end
Comment from : This OneGuy

WTF almost 18.000x whitout wildline ???? holy shit
Comment from : KKomrade

that jammin jars miss physically hurt me
Comment from : JustIzzan

Ryan Bacon
First guy needs to get a fucking grip and not act like a cock. People like that shouldn't be allowed to stream. Absolute bellpiece
Comment from : Ryan Bacon

Nikolay Georgiev
ye, ya know, you can only win on btg slot, DoA or Rise of Merlin... there is no other way.

It's not dodgy at all, and also not rigged.

Yea, and CasinoGrounds are not a LeoVegas subsidary, and ofc they just show you that with a few spins you can become a millionaire. They also not get commision on your losses when you sign with their links.

Hey CG, how do you feel to know that you are helping in ruining peoples lives?

Comment from : Nikolay Georgiev

Diamond mine was me :)
Comment from : Nick

merlin is always a skip for me that shit is so boring
Comment from : Andrew

Fr33nrgy On
3000 years Later. hahah. That Primal Game, Jesus
Comment from : Fr33nrgy On

52. 8k if that strawberry hits.
Comment from : Jounazi

Sven Erik Riis Falck
I've played diamond mine for a long, long time and never seen a 1000x,
i didn't know the game had such great potential :D cheers

Comment from : Sven Erik Riis Falck

Wow that Jammin Jars miss,ooof. And DOA2 is just Nuts 17k x without Wildline,ooof again :D
Comment from : Supermann64

Der erste triggert mich zu heftig!..
Comment from : Klappspaten

Slot Ronin - Casino Streamer
There's a reason why there is a Strawberry Jam, WTF!!!
Comment from : Slot Ronin - Casino Streamer

First guy need a slap
Comment from : Nate

rip 13200x win on jars
Comment from : MrJezzeboy

Beim ersten Typen bekommt man richtig Aggressionen 😂😂
Comment from : Lucas4807

John Douglas
The rise of Merlin bonus gives me hope in life
Comment from : John Douglas

Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa
Hello there guys! Here! Take this beers for the hard work! 🍻🍻🍻
Comment from : Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa

17000x without a Wildline! 😂
Comment from : Nathan

Matt Gary
OMG that jars miss was insane.. what would that of been? Like 10000x at least right if not more?
Comment from : Matt Gary

The dude will never eat a strawberry again in his life
Comment from : Zyitz

Oh man, the Jammin' missed out on a 52,800NOK win 😂 I would never play that slot again if it happend to me...
Comment from : Kurtski

That first guy needs to lay off the caffeine.
Comment from : Rossco41

Daniel Rathe
Omg! Bruder😂😂😂
Comment from : Daniel Rathe

Comment from : Zyitz

I want CasinoGrounds hoodie ty :)
Comment from : jalippo

Jesse Kepser
Comment from : Jesse Kepser

Dessy K.
Second 😘
Comment from : Dessy K.

[ Kitty ]
Maybe 3rd or not
Comment from : [ Kitty ]

Comment from : vicioncicx

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