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Daniel petrov
Hi, Lex, 36:45 what would you do in this situation with 88 if the person who raised EP went directly all-in with his 13 blinds? Would you still shove? I had the same situations at a final table, 9 players, where I had 77 with 10bb at MP. UTG1 with 9BB went all-in and I re-shoved. He was the only person with less stack than me. Non-progressive bounty, but I still think it was a little loose in that situation.
Comment from : Daniel petrov

can u explain why the 88 Hand in 36:48 is a reshove? Its to loose i think and i gace UTG a loose OR . Run HRC and you will see ,,,what u think?
Comment from : BeatTheBieber

JinG Oneli
yeah, this is some top level shit... kinda hate it though... people just getting to good ...
Comment from : JinG Oneli

Loving this even over a year later!
Comment from : Dan

N Walker
I agree with everything on this video and I am a straight white male.


Comment from : N Walker

N Walker
SB - 450
BB - 900
You have 100k chips, opponent has 40k.
He raises first to 2200.
You 3-bet to 7500 with JJ.
He calls.

Flop 10-9-5 rainbow.

He checks with 32k behind.

What’s your move from here? Jam?

I bet 8900....
He thinks, goes all in. I call, probably shouldn’t.
He ends up having QJo and hits an 8 on the turn.

I lose 40% of my stack and 100% of my patience.

Comment from : N Walker

Sean Garswood
This stuff is gold! Keep em coming...
Comment from : Sean Garswood

Gino van Schaik
this coahcing is goood
Comment from : Gino van Schaik

x xa
21:25 pretty sure small pps work better as a shove than as a min open/call
Comment from : x xa

basket ball
hopefully this will help me with my poker game. i can't afford that raise your edge package but if i could win a big score like 5k i would buy that course
Comment from : basket ball

The stuff about 45s vs 89s just blew my mind, it seems so obvious, but yet you never think about it on table really. Against two players a 89s is more of a fold than 45s i guess. Very interesting stuff! When you start to analyze what you have been doing vs what you shouldve done it just makes so much sense.
Comment from : SedisLV

Gabriel Caneri
"team pro" lol, thanks man very good !
Comment from : Gabriel Caneri

Gareth Davies
two of the nicest guys in poker sharing knowledge bombs with us for free. Gratitude at its highest right now thanks.
Comment from : Gareth Davies

Kaloyan Nikolov
What kind of tournament is that?
Comment from : Kaloyan Nikolov

Nelo Cardoso
Thank you very much for share,keep it up ,Lex ;)
Comment from : Nelo Cardoso

Samy Azzam
Lexy, this is the best value video you have.
Comment from : Samy Azzam

Altum Novo
Can someone explain why having a raise/folding range at 15BB from cutoff is more profitable than shoving or folding only, while remaining unexploitable. Or is it exploitative? 22:02
Don't you massively weaken your shoving range when you put all your nutted hands into raise/call

Comment from : Altum Novo

"GTO is about maximizing your own EV"? That's a new one on me.
Comment from : NukeCompEngineer

Where is part 3?
Comment from : Repstrom

Salim Toprak
Awesome lex continue to do so please..
Comment from : Salim Toprak

Alexander Herrera
Lex! Thanks so much for this, the re-watchability is HUGE
Comment from : Alexander Herrera

Lowrider Smith
This is the real deal.! 💎
Comment from : Lowrider Smith

Marcelo Pereira
Great man! Just get the expert classes! It’s life changing! And congrats for the channel the twitch too! Just amazing what you do! Hope one day gets good as you! Best, bro!
Comment from : Marcelo Pereira

Jorge Barbosa
Lex this is just amazing stuff over here! Keep’em coming 👍🏻
Comment from : Jorge Barbosa

greed marks
10:26 'same spiel ?' :D eng-ger translator ? :D
Awesome content guys thanks for sharing. Much love peace !

Comment from : greed marks

Sam van der Heijde
This was super interesting Lex! Sounds like you have some studying to do (like me). Thanks for sharing :)
Comment from : Sam van der Heijde

1.3B • Views
I havent even played 1000 MTT's yet. So I dont even know when I should get a coach or whats needed. I think Im going to get a HUD. Play a ton of microstakes games, then save those and analyze the numbers.
Comment from : 1.3B • Views

nice ass licking Leks
Comment from : kazikartinec

Cyril Seytre
Man, that was so interesting that i thought it has been only 15mns i was watching before u said the video was over !!! thx a lot for sharing !!
Comment from : Cyril Seytre

Luciano Barros
I can't thank you enough for this, man! You and BenCb are beasts. Keep it up! Cheers from Brazil
Comment from : Luciano Barros

This one video would/should cost about $200-$500. BenCB and Lex talking/coaching hands is def worth a few hundred an hour.
Comment from : Doc91

Ashley Martin
Another great video from Ben - thanks Coach and keep them coming
Comment from : Ashley Martin

Lion King
Isn't your jamming range kinda exploitable, because it doesn't contain your best hands?
Comment from : Lion King

Jeremy Roberts
wow TONS of great information thank u
Comment from : Jeremy Roberts

Jarko Tijssen
Wow, this content is just sick
Comment from : Jarko Tijssen

Mattes Cooper
that content is really pure gold! thanks for uploading. I got a question regarding the spot at 21:48, where u shove 15BB from the CO. Ben has all pockets in his raise/calling range, but I wonder why 22-55/66 are not better as an open jam? If I openjam 22-55 or maybe 66, I maximize my FE against hands that might reshove me otherwise? Its just that I dont like raise/call off with 22? Could you explain that maybe? Cheers and subscribed!
Comment from : Mattes Cooper

__àà__ __ùù__
AMAZING VALUE in this video!! Thank you Lex!
Comment from : __àà__ __ùù__

glenn miller
When's part 3 coming love these vids cheers lex and ben
Comment from : glenn miller

Jam is all in right? I know dumb af q xD
Comment from : Varthug

Kiran Nair
Huge huge fan of your game Lex! And so refreshing to see the legend BenCB reviewing those key spots. Looking forward to more such content!
Comment from : Kiran Nair

Escape 9-5
Loved to postflop analysis! 1:05:58 is funny though how ben talks about knowing which one hand is a borderline call in jamming spots, and then wants to fold AJs when it is printing money (1.01bb+) and ATs is the actual borderline hand :P
Comment from : Escape 9-5

I never comment on videos, but this one is awesome and deserves... thanks for sharing this bro!
Comment from : Daniel

Jody Shelley
Lex - around the 22:30 mark, Ben talks about card removal affecting our jamming ranges. Stating that it stands to reason that if it's foldes around to ourselves in the CO, then the remaining players can have stronger calling ranges vs our jam, purely because more Ax, Kx, Qx and pairs are now moreso in their ranges given the card removal effects. If that's the case, and you're in the same spot here with KJ, are you still jamming? What does your range look like? Also, given these insights, if the dynamic is correct, can we potentially alter our EP jamming range so that it becomes looser than our LP jamming range given what our opponents may be assuming about our relative strength given our position(s)?
Comment from : Jody Shelley

Sabeoque Ela Quer
This is gold, thank you so much for putting content like this out there.
Comment from : Sabeoque Ela Quer

glenn miller
Great content lex and Ben much appreciated
Comment from : glenn miller

hey lex love the vid but have a question when ben talks about check raising more flops against people who stab to many flops as a bluff how do u balance it because ben also says to always bet your top pairs blind vs blind. is it good to x raise flops with your weaker top pairs when short stacked ?
Comment from : GetAGrip

Played some MTTs whilst watching this vid, after it finished I went on to win my first MTT! Thanks Lex & Ben!
Comment from : dave665

Martin Gottschalk
Bencb do you Know what happened to blumenkind53? Tim ulrich. He was Very Good back in 2013 and I havent heard from him anymore
Comment from : Martin Gottschalk

Congrats for very nice content and for finding the way to start liking one of the things you do best, Playing Poker.
With this video you really show a great way for people how to reload their Knowledge and start liking the game again.
I did nottest a great change on your Mental game, i can't tell what, but you are really sincerely on your words and that's is why you are having one more Fan!!
I have just 2 questions,
why you did needed to get downswing to search for a coach?
Have you ever felt that you weren't enjoying the game and why you did felt that?

Comment from : ZEscaleira

colm chan
Hey, great stream unreal free conten thank you. Have a question though for Lex or anyone reading this. Around the 6:50 mark, Ben starts to talk about GTO. Not sure I understand his definition of GTO poker. I was under the impression GTO was based on creating an unexploitable strategy. Ben’s strategy based on maximising value may be the most profitable way to approach poker but does that make it GTO? For instance in a game of Rock Paper Scissors if I know the field picks rock 60% of the time, so I should always choose paper, while this is most profitable strategy to maximise value it does not make it GTO. GTO would be selecting a strategy which cannot be exploited by any adjustment opponent makes. Anyway just wondering if anyone can clear that up? Cheers.
Comment from : colm chan

First Last
How does it feel to bink 7k and still be allmost 100k in the red?
Comment from : First Last

never stop man !
Comment from : Torito55

What I don't understand about the KJ hand and the ranges that go with it (around the 20 min mark):

Ben suggests that we should raise/call with all the pairs there. Why don't we just jam with the smaller pairs?
It happens to me from time to time when I'm around 15-20BB and open from HJ-BU that people behind me just flat and I have to play postflop with an awkward stack size and poor playability.

Comment from : 666Zerschmetterling

This is the best coaching videos out there! This was so informative and so intuitive! love the videos Lex!
Comment from : SepremeG

alex sama
Excellent !! cool video , pls keep coming ...
Comment from : alex sama

Troy Dodge
21:00 talking about 15bb co opens. Ben put alot of small pairs in the R call range. I feel like i've seen him say in other vids (either way) aren't we much much better off open jamming say 22-77 than opening are self up to re-steals that will have very good equity vs us and calling off
Comment from : Troy Dodge

Troy Dodge
14:55 KJs facing a 3b, suprised jamming with the pot being worth 50% of your stack after the 3b isn't mentioned. I know were 3:1 dog against his most nutted value range but if you throw in 10's and AQs were 2:1 and If he is a reg with some bluff or maybe some merged 3bs, + the fold equity considering the amount of times we have to x/f flop seems like it would have made for a viable option. Thank You very much for such high quality content.
Comment from : Troy Dodge

Kevin Glenn
Love this! Please make more stuff like this in future. Find it very helpful
Comment from : Kevin Glenn

Martin Leithe
This is awesome! Great content, and definetly makes me wanna test what Bencb says. Change up my strat a bit, see how this feels as this is a different way to approach certain scenarios!.

I hope for more of this coaching stuff!

Comment from : Martin Leithe

michael martin
Ben didn't get him where he's at,nor does he even go by the course...Defends way to wide jams 70% of nutted hands pre.
Comment from : michael martin

Thanks so much lex for sharing these great content you payed for with us for free. Also very happy subber of your twitch channel. Always alot of fun! You are a fun person. Keep that up! F*ck you <3
Comment from : DopeCodedTech

Matheus Henrique
its very easy to notice the passion and the love that ben talks about poker, he is a truly gift to the poker comunnity,also so humble, impossible not to love this guy.U too Lex,tks for bring such a nice material,for free, GL maxx, ty ♥
Comment from : Matheus Henrique

Comment from : Chacarron91

Great one man :)
Comment from : f1rst481

Michael Roddy
i'm in the middle of this course and i've already seen my winrate increase a lot. its cool to watch you get coached in a lot of the scenarios i've been wondering about but havent made it to yet in the course. good video as always!
Comment from : Michael Roddy

Alex Preto
This is quality content that we usually have to pay for it. Ty so much Lex! Keep posting them <3
Comment from : Alex Preto

Michael Fuhrmann
Good stuff dude. Love it.
Comment from : Michael Fuhrmann

at 22:00 why are hands like 22-66 in the raise/call range for 15bb? why would this be a preferred strategy to jamming?
Comment from : sandysanchez4

What do you guys think about the push ranges given in Kill Everyone? The 88 hand at 26:30 the book says its TT+, A4s, A5s, A9s+, AJo+
Comment from : Da1337DoOD

Connor Millsom
Does Lex play live anymore?
Comment from : Connor Millsom

Jason N
So awesome that you’re releasing content like this for free. This stuff information is worth so much. Thank you!
Comment from : Jason N

Kudo He
22:00 Why do you want to r/c 22 instead of shoving, I don't see the reason to induce this kind of hands, that have poor postflop playability and defend poorly against BB defence
Comment from : Kudo He

Thank you very much Lex!
Comment from : MostVitalPlayer

amir barbell
Love this series with Ben, Thanks Lex
Comment from : amir barbell

Comment from : Жека

Jeroen Stevens
Did he also teach you to constantly punt off stacks in every tournament under 100 dollars?
Comment from : Jeroen Stevens

ofc the dude has some sort of german accent :P
Comment from : Cobusftwmahoniez

borse sanda
we fkin love it! thanks a lot!!! more more more more more more!!!!
Comment from : borse sanda

Stephen Elliott
Bought Ben's masterclass about a month ago and can't speak highly enough on it. If you're willing to put the work in you won't find a better teacher than Ben. Great content Lex!
Comment from : Stephen Elliott

Vismantas Zubka
Subscribed I love listening to Ben :)
Comment from : Vismantas Zubka

Wow such an amazing video. I do have a question though. At 21:00 Ben suggest raise calling A9o+ on CO form 15bb. I just can't see how this play can be profitable as when we get jammed on, in my opinion, we are doing so badly vs the jam range??
Comment from : Herman

Dude this is amazing thank you so much for sharing this knowledge both Ben and Lex
Comment from : Egrin

planet disco
Everyone who thinks lex is a good player --> HAHA
Comment from : planet disco

Jared Fehrens
Does this apply to cash as well?
Comment from : Jared Fehrens

Mike Foucault
Thanks for posting this Lex. I had a question with regards to the KJ hand you shoved from the CO at the 22:00 min mark of the video. How come Ben includes low pocket pairs as part of his raise calling range? I would have thought those would play better as open shoves? Only reason I can think of is it's to make sure he's not raise folding too often.
Comment from : Mike Foucault

Crazy good content thank you lex
Comment from : tazplay

Matei Lupascu
great stuff! thanks a lot lex! glgl
Comment from : Matei Lupascu

Twitch W
4 minutes in and I learned something new. wow
Comment from : Twitch W

Chef Robert Schoonover
This video got a like in the first 5 minutes...just the conversation on 55 vs q9 was amazing. Thank you
Comment from : Chef Robert Schoonover

BencB:" "Would you go any looser than 8's?"
Lex : 7's probably

Because 7 always comes.

Comment from : crisK9

Benevo Bis
what a t-shirt Lex?
Comment from : Benevo Bis

Travis Baker
It is amazing that valuable content like this is available for free. Great stuff, love it.
Comment from : Travis Baker

John B
This is what Jeff Gross does also with Ben. Ben is awesome, I'm definitely joining his site. Thanks Lex
Comment from : John B

OMFG YES BencB is a monster.
Comment from : Eric

amazing video, paused a lot to process some info too
keen for the rest of this <3

Comment from : SamoanGravy94

Esben Gunnarsson Nolsøe
this is incredible. truly incredible content.
Comment from : Esben Gunnarsson Nolsøe

JinG Oneli
Best series so far !!! Learned more then in my 11 years playing !!! Thx so so so much !!! Your a fn beast )))
Comment from : JinG Oneli

Thanks for nice video.
Comment from : Bigom

20:50 Why would be raise call 66-22. Aint it better to just shove them out of 15bb? Hard to play them when BB flats.
Comment from : tolkien11

Edwin K
Ik vind het echt een fucking vette post! Ik reageer bijna nooit op een video maar wil je ff laten weten dat ik deze echt waardeer! Ik vroeg me echt af hoe je poker beter kan studeren! Ik speel alleen live en dan wordt het wel wat lastiger om zo te studeren maar heb van deze video echt wat opgestoken!
Thx Lex

Comment from : Edwin K

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