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Mateusz Ługowski
You are exaggerated. I listen to you nicely and know what to do right away. Yours warmly 🙈
Comment from : Mateusz Ługowski

Alejandro Saya
Hermosos temas , como siempre ! Gracias por tu calidez y profecionalismo!
Comment from : Alejandro Saya

Keep it bump!
Comment from : Thanty1222

Michael Blocker
Who loves u
Comment from : Michael Blocker

Will be always in my mind, tremendous, blew me away.......
Comment from : Frédéric SCHIANO DI COLA

Oleg Wolf
крутые треки,просто балдею .
Comment from : Oleg Wolf

Sag mal legst du auch in Köln auf
Comment from : Essrell

Eneas Lencina de lima
i dont stop to listen!!!!
Comment from : Eneas Lencina de lima

Eneas Lencina de lima
you is the Best!!!!! great song!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Eneas Lencina de lima

Pilo Milo
28:07 hmmmm delicious ! :)
Comment from : Pilo Milo

Иван Бояркин
I love. MY muzic
Comment from : Иван Бояркин

Pilo Milo
I love you heidi :) .. thanks for beauty music....
Comment from : Pilo Milo

Andy Ray
The only DJ who made me fall in love with the genre of Progressive House & Techno. ❤️ I Love the energy you show throughout each and every set. Never stop spinning. ⏪⏸️⏩. Much love from 🇮🇳 hope to see you here soon.
Comment from : Andy Ray

Rammstein Nt
@MiMo your music is a journey, each time I replay, I discover new moments! <3 <3
Comment from : Rammstein Nt

Rammstein Nt
42:40 that tune is Soooooo beautiful <3
Comment from : Rammstein Nt

В топ
Comment from : dubstupa

Chadwick Eisman
<3 the opener to this one... listened to this video track so many times
Comment from : Chadwick Eisman

Arthur Ravaneda
22:00 Zac - Distortion
Comment from : Arthur Ravaneda

ich liebe deine beats beim zocken entspannt echt gut gegen toxische spieler^^
Comment from : Raizuman

Julio C Betancurt
Miss Monique, you are so amazing ... I listen to you every day and I all love your style <3
Comment from : Julio C Betancurt

efrem Kiselev
Perfect))) Thats all that I can say)))
Comment from : efrem Kiselev

kat ze
So happy listen Boris remix here, you are awesome, thanks alot! :3
Comment from : kat ze

Amir Fmaster
Wow this is awesome !
Comment from : Amir Fmaster

Aidas Grubinskas
fcking retarded DJ, sync button user....
Comment from : Aidas Grubinskas

Steph M.
OMG!!!! 43:55 kills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Steph M.

Gary Zhang
That little drum breakdown followed by the drop @18:18 was orgasmic af. 🤤
Comment from : Gary Zhang

Hadrien Gorvan
tracklist svp ?
Comment from : Hadrien Gorvan

Rheumatoid Arthritis Eliminators
A totally cool presentation in every way :-)
Comment from : Rheumatoid Arthritis Eliminators

Rogelio Rodrigo
47:20 Name of this song please!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Rogelio Rodrigo

Christian Freitag
Keep Calm : Keep going and one day you will perform on Tenerife for sure. :)
Comment from : Christian Freitag

Jason Groven
Come to valhallafest!
Comment from : Jason Groven

Alexandr Ilchenko
Just killer music starts 11:14 )))
Comment from : Alexandr Ilchenko

gopeto lud
Another Great Performance !!! This one goes to my playlist ! ^^
Comment from : gopeto lud

Dein Klopapier
Miss Monique, - I love You !!!
Comment from : Dein Klopapier

sound in color
nice <3
Comment from : sound in color

Ralph Ewig
Amazing set, loved every minute of it!
Comment from : Ralph Ewig

Lucas Santos
Great job! Greetings from Brazil
Comment from : Lucas Santos

Dave Lee
Ok Ok... who did the editing? @18:20... that was awesome. 😁😍 I don’t think I ever see you sync the video with the mix. Love it!
Comment from : Dave Lee

Marco Bemelen
Comment from : Marco Bemelen

Al C
I never get tired of seeing and enjoying this sound and my beautiful Monique, I saw the new yesterday but this is unbeatable, the youngest of course, I am a fan for years and I've seen them all.
Comment from : Al C

jordi makerz
Please name of the last song?????
Comment from : jordi makerz

Please!!! name of song at time 17:06....
I've tried a thousand times with shazam and I haven't had any luck

Comment from : NARK

any track list?
Comment from : NARK

si señor! beatiful session!! :P
Comment from : NARK

Orhan Yıldızoğlu
My love 😍
Comment from : Orhan Yıldızoğlu

Sasha Sh
Эхх сколько приятных воспоминаний... И сколько ещё всего впереди!
Comment from : Sasha Sh

José Lopez
Comment from : José Lopez

Eze Seco
Baileeeeeeee <3
Comment from : Eze Seco

OMG Miss Monique, smokin' hot tunes with that perfect mixin...off da chain sister
Comment from : xpfreak0

Anthony Salas Vz
i love you <3
Comment from : Anthony Salas Vz

Probably the best DJs after the Dima from deep mix moscow radio and B Breicha.
Comment from : speedfreakpsycho

Stefan Lenz
Die Musik ist einfach der Kracher !!! 😉
Comment from : Stefan Lenz

Natalia Francovich Martin
Comment from : Natalia Francovich Martin

Michael Austi
Best advertise ever. ;-)
Comment from : Michael Austi

Martin Stoyanov
Music is Medizin for the Soul and you r my Doc
Comment from : Martin Stoyanov

Martin Stoyanov
Спасибо за приятную атмосферу, которую вы нам дарите
Comment from : Martin Stoyanov

Lydia М
Ms Monique is very good! thank you for this great music i play it at work when programming its the best
Comment from : Lydia М

Pedazo de musicon Felicidades por tener tan buen gusto musical. Eres una gran mujer y gran DJ
Comment from : olaznog72

Patrick Kang
Ur the best MiMo💯💯
Comment from : Patrick Kang

Hello Corona
Ugh another mediocre dj trying to capitalize on her looks to make up for a lack of entertainment quality and skill.
Comment from : Hello Corona

Two Eleven
Always delivering amazing tunes!
Comment from : Two Eleven

Mahmoud Michael Ajaj
Comment from : Mahmoud Michael Ajaj

Cryptocurrency Maniac
Yess baby :) What a melody <3
Comment from : Cryptocurrency Maniac

Michael Agne
Super und wunderschöne Technomusik von Miss Monique, zu träumen und zum mittanzen!!!
Comment from : Michael Agne

Márkó Fless
Comment from : Márkó Fless

Alex Roman
te amo
Comment from : Alex Roman

Le23mey ski
Awesome track selection, i think i just fell in love you are gorgeous!
Playing with passion love your smile such great vibes !

Comment from : Le23mey ski

Erik G
Not sure how I found her but, I am glad I did. I am mostly into metal but, not anymore. Very talented DJ, can safely say I've became a fan for sure.
Comment from : Erik G

Atanas Stankov
The Goddes :)
Comment from : Atanas Stankov

Love at first sound.
Comment from : Maximus

Quedamo o no quedamos? Whats thiss banger namee min 13. Thanxsss
Comment from : Pau MSR

Tatoke kokipa
what a hotty
Comment from : Tatoke kokipa

Filip Fabian
Comment from : Filip Fabian

Dennis Chin
I stay with mum
Comment from : Dennis Chin

William Ashley
wow you followed your track from Never Look Back Boris Brejcha.. your mix of your track should be a new remix of it.
Comment from : William Ashley

Slavek Pabian
15:18 but the real fun starts here 👍❤️ addiction provides more to come back for more... Keep going 💪
Comment from : Slavek Pabian

Slavek Pabian
12.37 😉 your new track is very very good.
Comment from : Slavek Pabian

Brian Robertson
This is the essential mix, YES!! When another artist uses a track of yours www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdZJk7ie6EE in their set, you have the WOW factor!! (Thumbs up)
Comment from : Brian Robertson

Kevin McGraw
Watching your tits gets boring. You should test yourself Miss Pretty Pants
Comment from : Kevin McGraw

Alex Schäfer
Comment from : Alex Schäfer

Jeremy Bull
well i must say this is the best dj I have seen and heard especially live ;) love the beats and LOVE how she makes every single beat sound different and it never sounds the same, she is very talented at bringing in the new beat and making it never sound the same ;) it is to amazing to me I am amazed with every new beat she brings in... would love to see her live ;) are you planning on any Canadian shows ??? I am located in Brantford, Ontario and would love to meet this Miss Monique in person... there is a club here called Club NV and it would be a great night if you did a show there and I would for real be there and make sure the place was packed for you to ;) I would promote the shit out of it your to good to miss ;)
Comment from : Jeremy Bull

Karol Preper
Are you planning to play in Warszawa , pozdrawiam POLSKA
Comment from : Karol Preper

Carlo CB
love it!
Comment from : Carlo CB

Kostas Zaharidis1
Second track is just awesome,can't stop listening
Comment from : Kostas Zaharidis1

Wow!! This mix is on "kill"! ⚡😅
Comment from : JustTheBeginning

Juliana Franco
mega crack
Comment from : Juliana Franco

Ugur Dagtekin
excellent music spectacle,
full of memories in each songs.
Grateful progressive housemisuk.
Keep it up!

Comment from : Ugur Dagtekin

smile into the cam and say "hey" :-D how great is the world
Comment from : DynamicSun

Sina Wahn
is it a burden making good dj sets AND looking good? i mean in between a dominant ugly dj majority?
Comment from : Sina Wahn

Mantas Kiselat
Comment from : Mantas Kiselat

Another set of Tits with a Pre-recorded set. Don't know why I clicked on this expecting talent....
Comment from : MutinyVT

Aleksander Kostadinov
Ohh yes! Ohh yes!
Comment from : Aleksander Kostadinov

Dominik Dominikowski
no problem baby :>
Comment from : Dominik Dominikowski

Молодец девочка, слушаю твои миксы в машине, когда еду на работу и с работы
Comment from : dmitriyelesin

Daniel B.
Big love from good old germany 💚
Comment from : Daniel B.

💚 💚 💚 💚
Comment from : Burzhuy

Роман Роман
42:40 Агонь! Екстаз! Оргазм!))
Comment from : Роман Роман

dm.stage spain
name track 3.35 min ?
Comment from : dm.stage spain

Leonard McCoy
What a set,absolutely wild ,your music is really high quality
Comment from : Leonard McCoy

luki luk
Comment from : luki luk

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