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What do you think of the DLC so far? I think it's sick! :D
Comment from : Hazardous

Phil swift Hate club
I love the casino
Comment from : Phil swift Hate club

I'm Awesome
I play gta v offline , i guest gta v should do stripper more sexy .
Comment from : I'm Awesome

Mr Cheng is crazy
Comment from : UHAW 1

Comment from : MajesticDoom45

Blue Krane
I accidentally won the vehicle!
Comment from : Blue Krane


Jxyden_ o
Took me 24 hours to update gta 5
Comment from : Jxyden_ o

Casino needs texas hold em
Comment from : G-M-B

Enitro Music
i remember when u played gta 5 and tested out modded cars and how far they could jump and with some swedish words and just 100k or even that. now u do that and play casino lmao. still the same guy love it. fun to go back after 3-4 years
Comment from : Enitro Music

I got the vehicle 1 day after the update came out
Comment from : CrazyBurrito

Btw Hasty
In the 3th grade i was always watching your stunt Videos
Now im in the 8th grade and you dont chanched your Content
You were my childhood
Love from Switzerland 😘

Comment from : Btw Hasty

My first spin ever i won the car
Comment from : Sebastian

Caleb Views
I got the vehicle on my first spin
Comment from : Caleb Views

Andreas Khamais Jaballah 4A Korsvejens Skole
I won a VEHICLE in det casino
Comment from : Andreas Khamais Jaballah 4A Korsvejens Skole

Greetings from Poland :D
We cant have fun with this dlc :<

Comment from : bosqiu

LowSteamz Real
Are you norweagian
Comment from : LowSteamz Real

Kevin Wimpey
Glide across the GTA map one side to the other with the worst bike in the game
Comment from : Kevin Wimpey

leon prince
There was a pink car too
Comment from : leon prince

Thank you
Comment from : Joker

Kevin Acevedo
Shut up
Comment from : Kevin Acevedo

Ričards maksis miljons
I won the car
Comment from : Ričards maksis miljons

I went in wearing the beer hat.
Comment from : Mohaine

on my 1st time i got that car
Comment from : TETA ELLA

The Songs
I cant play this it say this feauter is not‌ available for you how can i fix?
Comment from : The Songs

all casino games are a scam without blackjack and roulett
Comment from : ByForschle

Alessandra Calamusa
If the mysterious gift comes out of the casino wheel and does not say what it is, how can I find it?
Comment from : Alessandra Calamusa

DinkyDee 225
I won the car yesterday
Comment from : DinkyDee 225

David Walker
When did the Casino come out
Comment from : David Walker

Bro please go first person
Comment from : Noah

I got the car first spin!!!
Comment from : RezoRextion

[]ASHES[] ßö¡
In black jack i won 100k chips if you think im lying check this yoütu.be/film.php?id=1H64K4.exe
Comment from : []ASHES[] ßö¡

DK Alleshave
I got the car in first try
Comment from : DK Alleshave

Nick Prezzato
Is thay Jerry?
Comment from : Nick Prezzato

Tonna G.
ilove you and I wish I can viset you
Comment from : Tonna G.

Zombie Drury
I know a few glitches :) 3 to be in total. I posted one on this channel. If you want otter 2 than show support. I came here to tell you hazardous cause you could make millions from them :)
Comment from : Zombie Drury

That Fred
He said the chances aren’t slim.. I have been trying for 4 hours with a glitch.. (Watch MrBeast for the glitch)
Comment from : That Fred

Poland can't play ):
Comment from : CelixPL

Btw doesn’t win the car rest of the vid is just showing the casino
Comment from : Unknownfreakx

Andres Aparicio
I won the car the first time I spined the wheel
Comment from : Andres Aparicio

Honestly one of the best DLCs
Comment from : lvwfitness

Riley's Ruby Rocket
I won the car
Comment from : Riley's Ruby Rocket

rez mex
I win that car today , is bewtiful and powerful
Comment from : rez mex

I was hoping they have Texas hold em too since it's on rdr2 :(

(and it's the only poker game I know how to play besides blackjack)

Comment from : Byvowana

Ludvik_ S_Vonka
This dlc is no problem when you have 40 mil (i have)
Comment from : Ludvik_ S_Vonka

Jack Villanueva
The car is “bugatti divo” the new model of bugatti.
Comment from : Jack Villanueva

Turt Reynolds Channel
Mr. Chang looks like guy from story mode
Comment from : Turt Reynolds Channel

Arvid Gustavsson
du äger
Comment from : Arvid Gustavsson

DexterNass Roblox & More!
Once, i bought 20k chips. Just to play a bit sat myself down in the delight of sun or whatever. If you got 3 pharaos you won x1000, i played once max bet. And i won 2.5 mil! 🤗
Comment from : DexterNass Roblox & More!

Super Carrera Go
I won the car
Comment from : Super Carrera Go

My cousin works at rockstar and he told me about the stuff before it come out
Comment from : MY_MUGS_CLEAN_

Klubba Von bubbla
Earn more profit then do high limit
Comment from : Klubba Von bubbla

How to gamble 101
Comment from : Quality

Matthew Blonder
Fun fact, won the vehicle 2 times in a row from wheel. 1/400 odds
Comment from : Matthew Blonder

Sick vid🔥 check recent🖤
Comment from : ITSDEADWORLD

Do videos with jelly Josh Jordi (jelly,slogoman,kwebelkop
Comment from : zimmer

I got the new car first try haha I didn't even realise when I got it I just check my garage and I saw it 😂😂
Comment from : TTVPaola

Ian Paquin
I won the car first try on both my characters I was so happy
Comment from : Ian Paquin

Casino 88
Comment from : Casino 88

I literally just bet 1000 on all the bottom ones like even odd black and red and making 6000 chips easy
Comment from : Mkyle-13

Eletric Loop
Ur video didn't upload just letting you know
Comment from : Eletric Loop

zl Edin
Why do you deleted the Video for today😂
Comment from : zl Edin

Vortex_Titan YT
Ghost upload to new video?
Comment from : Vortex_Titan YT

Venom_pl 03
Casino no Poland :(
Comment from : Venom_pl 03

Brice White
I won The vehicle first try no joke I can post a video if you want about it
Comment from : Brice White

Alguien necesita syuda juego solo mi id es chicharrero89
Comment from : Chicharrero89

This is good DLC. DLC In poland is bad
Comment from : PaNd4

Noah is a cutie
eric/hazardous please play more gta online.
Comment from : Noah is a cutie

Mr Nuggets
I got the new car on my first spin in the casino
Comment from : Mr Nuggets

Random Media
blackjack and horses are te best
Comment from : Random Media

Naga Valli
Bro do some fortnite please
Comment from : Naga Valli

austin god
I just started watching u and ur vids are so good
Comment from : austin god

sai mahesh babu
Please bro
Comment from : sai mahesh babu

sai mahesh babu
Do some fortnite video
Comment from : sai mahesh babu

Lion Man
Can you help me my casino well isent working can i get some help
Comment from : Lion Man

I got the car on the wheel after i bought it and it wont let you sell it either
Comment from : DAVID NOAKES

우리는 안된다는게 참..
Comment from : 강주성

SMVH Gamer
I got the car on the first spin😍
Comment from : SMVH Gamer

I got jebaited at the start
Comment from : TheGamingGrape

ted white
Comment from : ted white

Chris Ortiz
I actually got the car first try
Comment from : Chris Ortiz

Nina Olofsson
Är du svensk
Comment from : Nina Olofsson

Fearless Raj
Dude ur the best love from india
Comment from : Fearless Raj

Rana Talha
Why is this guy still on 1.3Mil
Comment from : Rana Talha

Sam S
I cant turn the wheel why ?
Comment from : Sam S

Charles Jade
Well this is the real transformation of GTA V from GTA SA
Comment from : Charles Jade

Bro plz do live streaming
Comment from : X3MGMR

Eric i won 400k st the machines and i had 20k tickets
Comment from : SLASHER GG

Craig Jackson
I’m can’t get passed the house keeping mission I have completed it 6 times but I still can’t do the next missions
Comment from : Craig Jackson

So you make a video showing the new dlc but you cant actually show the majority of it because you have no money to buy . Great video NOT .
Comment from : stevester'8308

Max Meister
Erik gör en video där du pratar på svenska. Våga, vad kan gå fel? 😃😘💪 #1 #HZRD
Comment from : Max Meister

Bro I literally got the car on my first try!!! I’m so fucking happy 😭😭😭
Comment from : JUAN

Davide Eid
That car looks like the neo custom
Comment from : Davide Eid

Yoo who else had joining lobby error and saving file error messages after update?? I am only gettong solo lobbys
Comment from : Bubbamane1

Guys is it worth selling my deluxo for this casino
Comment from : ZXYN

Zaid Sabbah
His character looks like putin
Comment from : Zaid Sabbah

Zuxio x
Would love to see stunts with the new cars
Comment from : Zuxio x

Mathias the Raccoon
I went to the Blackjack table with 2500 chips, went back out with 6000 chips
Comment from : Mathias the Raccoon

Panda J
Do you have to have the membership in order to gamble
Comment from : Panda J

There is one slot machine called the Diamond Miner, costs a minimum of a thousand to spin but grand prize is 500 k, if you want to take a chance at getting some more $$$
Comment from : WhiteTiger93

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