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Izio Shaba
anyone have any guesses about his strategy?
Comment from : Izio Shaba

Justin Frank
Lol he’s counting cards
Comment from : Justin Frank

Liam Sweeney
he card counts lmao not illegal but thats why he gets kicked out so much
Comment from : Liam Sweeney

We give these "casinoes" too much power. Look at what's happened with Phil Ivey. This is bad for the gambler. Yes poor people can make hundreds of thousands if they are smart, but give the casino too much power and they win and keep right on "stealing."
Comment from : CoffeeTimeBrian11

Radivoj Maric
Why is it even legal for casinos to do that ? I mean if u can take not only money but someone's whole life away from them,you can at least give something back,without bitching about it ?
Comment from : Radivoj Maric

Paul Fernhout
casinos are the biggest scams
Comment from : Paul Fernhout

its absolutely hilarious casinos have that power. as soon as someone starts scamming them they kick em out meanwhile they're scamming literally every single person that walks in probably 1/500 or less knows how to play and win and they STILL kick that 1 out.
Comment from : shortcuts573

WatchMe Noobing
Wel this is old news still funny tough if u win the scam u get banned
Comment from : WatchMe Noobing

ChAoTiK_- GhoSt
Gives the First Ladies 500 now they have to fight over that extra 100 LMFAOOOOO this guy is low key funny as fuck lol.
Comment from : ChAoTiK_- GhoSt

Russel Westbrook
It’s funny how gamblers fool themselves into thinking they’ve won more than they’ve lost. He’s just lucky enough not to be able to notice but if he was a working man 9-5 he’d have a serious addiction
Comment from : Russel Westbrook

Danny Williams
What bullshit I hope you crush them for millions and millions of dollars fucking casinos are scum bags
Comment from : Danny Williams

How bout he gives his employees health ensurance instead of fucking with money..
Comment from : jootai

John H
They prolly feel like hes counting cards..lol
Comment from : John H

Justin B.
When you understand the system then it wants to kill you.
Comment from : Justin B.

chuck guerin
I tried hard not to puke! But I still burped up some nasty shit. I loathe Dana. Sorry but that is just me. Nothing wrong with him.
Comment from : chuck guerin

Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000
I don't believe any las vegas con men. he might have done it, and it might be a Fix.

Can't believe shit in the world of Fake News.

Comment from : Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000

Dog dog
couldnt he just put a wig on and go in ?
Comment from : Dog dog

Vegito [genderbent]
its dana white
Comment from : Vegito [genderbent]

Mike Honcho
Notice how even Dana White uses a burner?
Comment from : Mike Honcho

A Russian Beast
Lol he tipped them like my yearly wage
Comment from : A Russian Beast

Ryan Varghese
Dana White :Wins Millions Gambling

Also Dana White: Uses flip phone to answer calls...

Comment from : Ryan Varghese

semipro gaming
At least he pays the cashiers
Comment from : semipro gaming

Nunya Bidnez
Suspected card counter. Potatohead White.
Comment from : Nunya Bidnez

Rekt Dacron
Wow he sounds like a super pro. Damn he walks away with to much of “their money” they don’t like losing. That old saying “the house always wins” must really tick them off.
Comment from : Rekt Dacron

Oggydogg 313
I love this ..
Comment from : Oggydogg 313

Curtis Tisberger
WHO GIVES a shit about Joe the jew bitch Rogan or Dana the Jew bitch white?
Comment from : Curtis Tisberger

Justin Williams
Casinos are just mad that they can’t hire or do anything with talent.

Oh well, they got the short end of the stick in the end. I mean, I love playing but I hate how casinos run their businesses and the hypocrisy behind them.

Comment from : Justin Williams

Mean while a few days ago I was on the edge of starving and not making it through the month financially. Signed up to an online casino and put £2.70 in (whats to lose...) Played roulette for 1 hour. Made £177.86.. Delighted.
Comment from : Maddie

mudslinger lastname
I'd say hes better at counting cards than playing black jack .... Wonder how many decks they play 7.....
It's not setup for people to win so if your raking down the house youll get banned.... Of course they will take a million from you but they wanna keep there billions ...

Comment from : mudslinger lastname

Adam S
If he lost 1 million and won 7 millions and banned him, they did him a big favor. They are not getting their money back.
Comment from : Adam S

Angel V
Fucken casinos can take as much money as they want from people every day and people can’t do it back??!! Fuck them!!!
Comment from : Angel V

Millionaires making millions .. fuck my life
Comment from : dannyrighi

Bram Copermans
How can someone be “good” at blackjack? Isn’t it called “being lucky”? Genuinely wondering
Comment from : Bram Copermans

I love how he makes and has loads of money and uses a flip phone
Comment from : Conal

Fred Grace
Please go to Pechanga casino and resort Teach there high limit room a lesson
Comment from : Fred Grace

Fred Grace
Please go to Pechanga casino and resort Teach there high limit room a lesson
Comment from : Fred Grace

the reason he can win so much like that is because of comfort. everytime he sits down hes loving life , in the zone, care free. If you play scared money you cant function to the best of your ability. It has to be mainly for fun
Comment from : Check My PLAYLISTS

Dana still using that flip phone so he can hang up on folks in style
Comment from : hoss011

Adam Perez
Are we going to ignore the fact he still uses a flip phone ?
Comment from : Adam Perez

What a fucking champ!
Comment from : superfast30

Jon Gotti
Casinos are the biggest scams.
Comment from : Jon Gotti

Poor dealer lost their job for sure
Comment from : ACE.CAL

Imagine having just won a million dollars and still have a flip phone!!!😭😂
Comment from : BDG_Bryan

Jeffery Epstein
I miss the money he spent on my island ☹️
Comment from : Jeffery Epstein

Chad Novelli
Comment from : Chad Novelli

the casinos are soar losers
Comment from : Ryan CHRISTOPHER

Donkey Kong
They did tell you he lost 10 million to win 1 million. Probability is always with the house, remember you’re playing their game.
Comment from : Donkey Kong

once you got money u can make money
Comment from : sproc01

Antonio Sustaita
Is he counting cards
Comment from : Antonio Sustaita

Casino calls Dana: you’re out!
Dana: ok
Dana calls casino back: I’m pulling MMA out
Casino: 🙉
Casino calls Dana: hello?
Dana’s phone: “Hi, this is Dana, I’m out right now, but please leave a message.”

Comment from : johnboylong40

Majin Mist
People should just not go to casinos because this bs has been going on for many years.......
Comment from : Majin Mist

Ross Cota
I wish that was me i would say i officially beat the casinos and got banned lol congratulation
Comment from : Ross Cota

Jack Meoff
Cuz hes cards counting . Its really easy to learn and not illegal.
Comment from : Jack Meoff

Daryl B
“He’s really good at blackjack” 😂😂
Without counting cards you will always be 49% vs 51% underdog against the casino even with perfect strategy.

Comment from : Daryl B

Jaime Aguirre
Weird flex...
Comment from : Jaime Aguirre

A paragon of virtue and role model for every youngster in America.
Comment from : 7rays

SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder
Banning someone cause their good...
Comment from : SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

Rosendo Gerrero
That's funny Dana can have any phone he wants and he has old school phone and the people that have trouble paying bills got $1000 phones. That why most people that hit the lotto go broke in a couple years. An ignant that wins millions is still an ignant. 🤣😆🤣
Comment from : Rosendo Gerrero

Damage Incorporated
That guy saying "are you going to go out on top?" Respec👍
Comment from : Damage Incorporated

Vinh Tran
typical casino: "We want to take as much money as we can from you". WINNING!: "Sorry, but you're taking way too much money from us, you're banned".
Comment from : Vinh Tran

Scotty B
O ya Still will hangout at the Palms

Comment from : Scotty B

Casinos NEVER LOSE....they ALWAYS WIN...they just sometimes have to wait longer to WIN.
Comment from : badboybarber1

Bruh I remember when I thought Joe Rogan and Dana White were the same person I'd tell myself oh that guy has his own yt show and owns ufc ?! 😂
Comment from : AcedPlays

Yo is the interviewed guy also Dana white or am I just high ?
Comment from : iAppleTechTutorial

Charlie Baker
Bullshit not right !
Comment from : Charlie Baker

Shove it up them Dana 👌👌
Comment from : D F

Michael Minniear
Come spend money at our casino! Just don’t win any or you’re banned. Any more proof needed they’re crooked?
Comment from : Michael Minniear

Victor Dobrecovic
Yo... 1:24 Dana actually still uses a flip phone. Lol, I understand he's got his reasons to do that. Un-hackable, secret burner phone. But still, I'm a little shocked.
Comment from : Victor Dobrecovic

Percentage wise............he’s a shitty tipper. Listen America......10% is a decent tip. I work in the Casino industry and the best tippers are the poorest of people. Worst tippers are the rich. Period.
Comment from : NFiltr8Red

Well done mr white
Comment from : neopromise

Phil J.L Fig
December 21st is my bday 🥳🥰
Comment from : Phil J.L Fig

Remmark Sunga
He is such a nice guy, he even tips the employees well
Comment from : Remmark Sunga

Daniel Mainland
Was he talking about himself in the third person or do two people just look the same? Still rad, I’m a going to the pokies to do the complete opposite
Comment from : Daniel Mainland

Harry Helen
I was banned from a casino once. I sit down with $300 and I said I’m just gonna keep doubling. $300 - $600- $600 -$1200 - $1200 - $2400. The max limit was $2000. The boss comes over and puts his hands on the table and says “ we no longer welcome your play here at this “ .....” casino. You are welcome to play any other game but we don’t welcome your play at Black Jack. I was dumb founded. Call some folks I know and ... nothing I can do.
Comment from : Harry Helen

Mo Dollaz
Is it me or does Dana white and joe rogan look like they could be first cousins?
Comment from : Mo Dollaz

Third Rate content
Yeah the message I got from watching this was If Dana White can beat the house consistently at blackjack then maybe I can win big next time I go to Vegas to see UFC.😐 By the way I don’t watch UFC don’t gamble and have no plans to go Vegas. Lol
Comment from : Third Rate content

Ilija Stojanovski
Once a child always a child
Comment from : Ilija Stojanovski

You think the palms would have factored in the fact he has UFC int their hotels when they decided to ban him. Hes basically a business partner that bring them revenue.
Comment from : ManOfConstantSorrow

I don't get it. If he won the money without cheating why would they ban him?

I dont know squat about gambling at casinos but this doesnt make sense to me.

Someone chime in?

Comment from : TheOneWhoEndures

Danny Rivas
Waaaao that’s craaazy 🤯😂
Comment from : Danny Rivas

salvador everett
How the fighters havnt jacked him up ill never know ? Hes a modern day don king ,, never liked his jew ass
Comment from : salvador everett

Grodan Boll
Streamer loot! xD
Comment from : Grodan Boll

Jelly Belly
He already a Billionaire 😭
Comment from : Jelly Belly

Tim Campbell
When you cash in your chips, and they give you a brick of cash, you know you did well.
Comment from : Tim Campbell

He is winning so much money but he still has a flip phone🤔
Comment from : TheGoatedNunez

Steve French
Imagine being worth hundreds of millions of dollars and still using a flip phone. Baller.
Comment from : Steve French

Mr Loki
This Vegas resident tells you it's BS. Won't even classify as an Urban Tale. I'm hoping Dana White was misquoted, and really is not behind this crap.
Comment from : Mr Loki

Blade Vamp
When a casino bans you....it’s the same thing as the gambler banning the Casino.

The Casino is the one who pulled out, they’re too afraid to gamble.

Comment from : Blade Vamp

Dillon Bentley
Was Dana white using a fuckin flip phone
Comment from : Dillon Bentley

Pavel D1
He got millions to lose but he is smart as fuck
Comment from : Pavel D1

Brian Schaeffer
Dana's a bum and so are you joey!
Comment from : Brian Schaeffer

jorge montemayor
I love Dana
Comment from : jorge montemayor

I've worked bar in places with compulsive gamblers. They always make out like they win big constantly. They act like they have zero memory of losing and always lie about it if they can. I'd be shocked if this was true.
Comment from : kingofthehamsters

Samba Warrior
Casinos is all about scamming people out of money, so naturally they will ban big winners. You are not actually allowed to win. At most they will give you little crumbs so you will be fooled and come back and give loose even more of your money.
Comment from : Samba Warrior

Bay Bye
they should not be allowed to ban someone for winning..I don't see them giving money back to those who lose a lot...if there is no cheating then they should not be banned...well the Palms lost in the long run..they lost holding UFC events so he hurt their pocket books 2 ways
Comment from : Bay Bye

Casino’s actually ban you when you win. That’s not fair.
Comment from : xTronKillmaster

So someone actually doesnt get scammed so they ban them!?!
Comment from : ƘƛƖカイ

LeCig - Electronic Cigarettes
Ha ha ha love it. Fool me? No fool you! 🤣 Kudos Dana!
Comment from : LeCig - Electronic Cigarettes

louie mayor
6-mo winning streak? Feels like a money laundering scheme.
Comment from : louie mayor

What does pulling a ufc mean
Comment from : Astolfo

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