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I haven't listened to this song in years. I still know most of the lyrics because of how much I used to listen to all of SOAD's music. I'm currently on a SOAD binge, and I'm just remembering all these things. Oh nostalgia, why are you so good & yet so mean?
Comment from : TheLonelyBrit

Daniel Gonçalves
Brazil 2019
Comment from : Daniel Gonçalves

Paladin Gaming
Will shavo ever find the camera?
Comment from : Paladin Gaming

Paola Urquizo
Comment from : Paola Urquizo

Narek Alikhanyan
Es ev Army dzez spasenq gy
Comment from : Narek Alikhanyan

layne stayley
Soad is one of the o ly bands that if you look at the comments theres never a negative one. I love this fucking band!
Comment from : layne stayley

Sara Sato
...so mine...
Comment from : Sara Sato

Wooly Wooly
When I'm sad I listen SOAD just because it makes me feel better... But after all I think I'm just a sadic human..
Comment from : Wooly Wooly

iolene dias
Comment from : iolene dias

system ☺☺
Comment from : JENNY MARTINEZ

Hleotan Hleotan
Well.....this was our song for a while, I thought I was in love with you, and that listening to this now would be painful. But I don't feel shit, not for you, or the memories we have together. Frankly, and honestly, I don't give a single fuck about you.
Comment from : Hleotan Hleotan

Sammi Doan
Everyone perceives this as a love song but me. I dont know, how I feel when I'm around you.
Comment from : Sammi Doan

llama mama
Man listening to this song just brings me to tears, been in a healthy loving relationship for 7 years but lately I've been feelin so conflicted about my feelings for him like I love him but it's like I'm expecting more than the usual and plain. I shouldn't feel this confuse or questioning it but I don't know how to feel or deal with it
Comment from : llama mama

Brennan Anderson
Soad is always such a good band too bad they broke up
Comment from : Brennan Anderson

I used this song to describe myself when I was unsure if I was really falling for this man. Here I am, a year and a half later, wondering what went wrong.. Now I really dont know how to feel. Im not looking back though.
Comment from : GabiTehOtaku

How cam a band make both songs like Roulette and Cigaro
Comment from : SHADE

2019 anyone?
Comment from : Darabis

Kristi Herscher
I've Always Loved SOAD and I Always Will. Around you....
Comment from : Kristi Herscher

Arthur Oliveira
Br aqui
Comment from : Arthur Oliveira

around you...
Comment from : rec

KHoon Sleggy
Love the harmony..
Comment from : KHoon Sleggy

Mask One
meu pai usa calcinha
Comment from : Mask One

Enrico Caponnetto
I'm single too 😪
Comment from : Enrico Caponnetto

theNameless untung
Whos listng in 2019.
Make a memoriez
Love of soAD

Comment from : theNameless untung

Daniel Melo
Essa música faz um eco no coração =❤️
Comment from : Daniel Melo

310 people need to burn in Hell.
Comment from : murphy3355


Chay souza
thank u
Comment from : Chay souza

Riley Ward
Thanks to this song i got my gf
Comment from : Riley Ward

felipe canalzueira
Comment from : felipe canalzueira

Captain Belarus
I always listen to this song when I'm sad :(
Comment from : Captain Belarus

David Morales
2018. 2 30 am
Comment from : David Morales

jeniffer torres
2018 someone?
Comment from : jeniffer torres

too bad this band broke up for the very shit they were against. money
Comment from : DJIsher1

Yan 0109
Beautiful song...
Comment from : Yan 0109

Nope No
I only found these guys in april. They been my favourite since! Of every band or dj i ever heard!
Comment from : Nope No

Blink th3Dog
Best song
Comment from : Blink th3Dog

Andres Duran
S.o.a.d 4 ever
Comment from : Andres Duran

Comment from : zolboo_naidan

jasiel valencia
Is the best band of metal
Comment from : jasiel valencia

gaming steam
Comment from : gaming steam

El Rincón de la Sombra.
Magnifico! n.n
Comment from : El Rincón de la Sombra.

To me this is about someone unable to communities their feelings
Comment from : king5150@usa

jonnathan willian
Ilusão ! Oq è ilusão e vc acreditar em uma coisa que è mentira. Vc jah foi iludido ? Eu jah e vou contar pra quem ler esse comentario como foi . Eu tava conhecendo uma amiga da minha prima ela era bonita e eu feio pra cacete era aii que tinha que perceber q jah tava sendo iludido mais o a cabeça do pal falo mais que a cabeça de cima eu tenho um primo q malha, treina tem um tanquinho e è bonito eu e ele nois famos para um showzinho que teve na minha cidade city(são sebastião do paraiso ) e nois iamos encontrar a minha prima e essa amiga dela lah e eu tava afim dessa amiga dela , mais quando eu cheguei lah a vaca soh deu mole pro porra do meu primo soh pq ele è popular e era mais bonito que eu. E minha prima q tinha falado pra mim que ia me ajudar a catar a amiga dela na verdade ajudo o bosta do meu primo na verdade ela nem precisou ajudar ele pq a mina que eu tava afim dava em cima dele como uma puta. E foi aii que eu desenvolvi raiva por tds os seres humanos na façe dessa terra meu ódio soh aumento e soh aumenta a cada dia que eu penso nisso , eu torço pra q o fim do mundo chegue rapido para acabar com td mundo e esses merdas q fez essa sacanagem comigo! Eu sei que è pecado deseja o mal pros outros , mais eu quero q eles sofram igual eu sofri. Se vc leu atè o final saiba q eu le agradeço pq eu estou dividindo essa bosta com vc
Comment from : jonnathan willian

tsukushima victorika
SOAD is life .-.
Comment from : tsukushima victorika

Tiia Mannix
One does not simply listen only one SOAD song
Comment from : Tiia Mannix

cako duente
Comment from : cako duente

Yo El pro
They are the best band
Comment from : Yo El pro

Glaudson Bispo
Saudades dessa banda dos rock de verdade.
Comment from : Glaudson Bispo

Diego the dope teen Diego the dope teen
Love this song so much
Comment from : Diego the dope teen Diego the dope teen

cristian melis
Comment from : cristian melis

Eve Barajas
Comment from : Eve Barajas

adela carrillo
rammstein and system of a down and slipknot
Comment from : adela carrillo

oh their voice together really was the best
Comment from : casimaa

El Jorgiz
Nadie en 2018:(
Comment from : El Jorgiz

Pølø_The_Wølf :3
sees pic at the start
Wow he’s always smiling

Comment from : Pølø_The_Wølf :3

Rev. Mayem
There are 210 complete fucking idiots as of 06/18.
Comment from : Rev. Mayem

Melih S. D.
Comment from : Melih S. D.

Samanta Ērgle
Omg! I finally found the song my brother used to play on his guitar! Yaasss! ❤
Comment from : Samanta Ērgle

Dalila Costa
Amo SOAD, amo essa música, uma das mnhs preferidas
Comment from : Dalila Costa

Hardest song for John
Comment from : LA GS

Comment from : Fernando27

Lea R
this is so me 😕
Comment from : Lea R

Efrain Alvarez
La mera vergaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SOAD!!!
Comment from : Efrain Alvarez

ItsMe EmmaB
Tab please!!!!
Comment from : ItsMe EmmaB

like 2018 2019 y 2020
Comment from : Nando PADILLA

willian david rodolfo
like si la escuchas en 2018 :v
Comment from : willian david rodolfo

Fuk dis shit..
Comment from : VerasS

Khizer Nawaz
I know....i, don't know
Comment from : Khizer Nawaz

Sarah Serenity Wells
Fucking Magick-al!!
Comment from : Sarah Serenity Wells

roulette is all fun and games till the russian decides to ADD a bullet
Comment from : Akiimbo

Geetha Rao
This might be the worst song of this band In my opinion
Comment from : Geetha Rao

T. Daniel
Great tune.
Comment from : T. Daniel

GooseTailzTRex420 Banana
This band and cardi b and potluck and Morton mouth Kong’s r my fav to sing drunk..and z to mom city don.
Comment from : GooseTailzTRex420 Banana

jose martin
Horeu yuo kudo que hrdkvl
Comment from : jose martin

Andreanna Garcia
My fave
Comment from : Andreanna Garcia

mark5350 mark5350
im in class listening to SOAD im not getting anything done lol
Comment from : mark5350 mark5350

S e i r j g k e m n
this breathes something similar to life and death into me, yet I don't know what it is.
Comment from : S e i r j g k e m n

S e i r j g k e m n
... reh rof si eid ot ton nosaer ylno ehT
Comment from : S e i r j g k e m n

Elina Babajanyan
Ուղղակի հպարտ եմ,որ եսել եմ հայ)))ինչպես որ դուք)))))
Comment from : Elina Babajanyan

Mass Ive
I see so many comments arguing over the meaning of the song, I think it depends on what’s happening in your life and how you want to interpret it
Comment from : Mass Ive

Klau N.B.
Comment from : Klau N.B.

Gregor Frag
this is one of the best songs i ever listened
Comment from : Gregor Frag

Daniel Gomez
*"The why, might be deduced"
Comment from : Daniel Gomez

Heather B
Comment from : Heather B

Anthony Haller
I wasted the 420th comment.
Comment from : Anthony Haller

mi canción acustica preferida de soda
Comment from : Marçal_Paula

This song is NOT about love. It'd about someone who used to love someone but isn't sure about it anymore
Comment from : Gaboseries

Izabel Lamardo
Comment from : Izabel Lamardo

This is the best song ive heard so far
Comment from : urmumsus

Rainbows Jumper
Idk how every song they have is s good
Comment from : Rainbows Jumper

Ana Carolina Kisner
Comment from : Ana Carolina Kisner

Carmen Oliveira Lopes
Comment from : Carmen Oliveira Lopes

Carmen Oliveira Lopes
gosto muito
Comment from : Carmen Oliveira Lopes

Carmen Oliveira Lopes
Comment from : Carmen Oliveira Lopes

Galaxy Gamer2000
I cry when I hear this song xD no idea why
Comment from : Galaxy Gamer2000

Christoffer Olsen
when youre in love with a girl from another country
Comment from : Christoffer Olsen

wagner primo
How couldn't I have found this song earlier?
Comment from : wagner primo

Nicolas Esteban
La wea wena Wn qlo Soad <3
Comment from : Nicolas Esteban

Huy Vo
Its 24/11/2017 ... and I still love this song
Comment from : Huy Vo

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