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Khaled Mawla
You made a new account
Comment from : Khaled Mawla

How do you have that much money
Comment from : I BOX

just scheming
You should shut the *&#$ up during vids bruh
Comment from : just scheming

The Commentators
To buy the money he had with shark cards would be around 5250$ I believe
Comment from : The Commentators

Anthony Carlton
Comment from : Anthony Carlton

you're whats wrong with gaming. Go to a real casino and go broke, keep this trash out. Stupid kids with no impulse control.
Comment from : mcdouches1

The Guardian Angel
You know what I find funny? You paid your real life money for that modded account and I got $85 million more than you and didn't pay a penny due to grinding
Comment from : The Guardian Angel

That armored car need to be insured first.

As far as ik

Comment from : tsunsu

Kane Miller
The Duke of death is out of stock why
Comment from : Kane Miller

When u got every property and almost vehicle in the game, I'm chillin
Comment from : GoldBullet

Josh Hollyoak01
1:16:36 hehe thats not like you😂😂
Comment from : Josh Hollyoak01

I won the car and can honestly say it is insured
Comment from : mktrill

Comment from : MILK BOI

TheGamingNo0b 9ABUSH
I won the car that was yesterday
Comment from : TheGamingNo0b 9ABUSH

A lot of people win the car first or second time spinning like me also they are free spins so if people kept spinning it and for example got 50k each time then they could easily get rich with no effort
Comment from : Redlingo

Xavier Coaye
I got a free car for doing all the missions
Comment from : Xavier Coaye

Falcon MeDiA
the diamond symbol looks like the sims 4 plumbob
Comment from : Falcon MeDiA

Falcon MeDiA
i didn't had this kinda screen load after update?!
Comment from : Falcon MeDiA

The Kush Corner
bruh so dumb that you didnt use your regular account 😂
not having enough money isnt an excuse to use a modded account.
makes absolutely no sense that you always “give away tons of shark cards”, but you wont even use one on your own account? seems HIGHLY sketchy, and i dont actually believe you give any sharkcards away, just because of this.
2-3 max shark cards would have easily sorted you out.
or better yet, play the game like everyone else, hustle and grind for days before the dlc release, get everything you can, and you’ll eventually get everything after a few days.
but no, you get a modded account, and you didnt think about the fact that you’d be a low level 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
absolutely terrible gameplay for the first hour and a half. you let your excitement get the better of you, not reading instructions and then complaining later when you dont understand whats going on.
stop being retarded, take your time, and think through things next time....

Comment from : The Kush Corner

Darian Pratt
I dont even want to watch the video how bad it starts
Comment from : Darian Pratt

Corey Mitchell
I'm on PS4
Comment from : Corey Mitchell

Brandon Noel
Is this a modded account or what?
Comment from : Brandon Noel

Ibrahim Abdelqader
Is anyone else having the trouble of getting the next mission
Because I've finished the first one 5 times and still no option to do the next

Comment from : Ibrahim Abdelqader

v2k Geek
For the wheel spin how long we gotta wait game time or irl time boys
Comment from : v2k Geek

Martino Gogna
Can anyone tell me how he is level 6 with that much money?
Comment from : Martino Gogna

Vinh Nguyen
Dude I got the car the first spin. No joke. I screamed
Comment from : Vinh Nguyen

Arshad Shaikh
Why is your level gone down?
Comment from : Arshad Shaikh

Alyssa Batchelor
i don't understand why you don't just buy the max amount of ammo
Comment from : Alyssa Batchelor

Michael Duong
In the penthouse suite the stairs going down is to the rooftop terrace but the rooftop terrace is upstairs rockstar logic
Comment from : Michael Duong

The only thing I like about this update is the penhouse the truffade thrax and the enus paragon r gotta wait for the other cars but the clothes is trash and no new hairstyles rockstar wtf smh 😡😤😠😒😔
Comment from : Torrey

Damn severs moving at petato pase today
Comment from : Ziolek2000

Schwurbel Schwurbel u are crazy dude
Comment from : TheArkei

Weren’t you supposed to get 1.25 mil with the penthouse if you did the twitch thing?? I only got the penthouse
Comment from : Kfox

No REAL POKER with other players.... so disappointing 😭
Comment from : Thedarkmickey

Andrew Cullen
I am a dealer at a casino, can confirm there are people even less knowledgeable then you that come in
Comment from : Andrew Cullen

Sasukari Wolf Master
I can't with the lemon skin xD
Comment from : Sasukari Wolf Master

Its garanteed i wont get addicted to gambling in the casino... i cant fcking gamble anyway ... xD
Comment from : SØŁĐJ4H ØG

William Reagan
Only losers buy modded accounts GUYS HE BOUGHT A MODDED ACCOUNT
Comment from : William Reagan

Xbox one please
Comment from : NICCOLI BARBINI

Andrew Benson
Level 6 w/ $420 million 🤪😔lmfao
Comment from : Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson
Damn $420 million😊 Tell a guy how to get that without cheating 🤪
Comment from : Andrew Benson

Did u give away the shark cards
Comment from : Iceey

This update is soo good!
Comment from : HazeBerry

I literally won the car. Was really hype tbh
Comment from : RedKoop

Santiago Rodríguez Materón
Jajajja got the trhax in the first try
Comment from : Santiago Rodríguez Materón

Angel Jimenez
I just won the car first try omg
Comment from : Angel Jimenez

Nice 7 months to make a 3 gb update and it's trash lmao can't even load into a session 😂
Comment from : ash69_-

How do you play the missions? Help anyone
Comment from : TheRealWarby

Seb V
Can someone write the list of all the cars available to get on my PS4 right now and in no livestream that I've seen so far they show what the available cars are.
Comment from : Seb V

savage diamonds
I swear to god if I bombed by a hydra while on the top of the penthouse I'm making ww2 look like a joke
Comment from : savage diamonds

bim bim
This guy 100k not a lot then puts in shark card
Comment from : bim bim

savage diamonds
Looks like I'm about to get 50 phone calls
Comment from : savage diamonds

Seth Carpenter
Thanks Dat for fixing it your my favorite YouTuber and I think you are better than other YouTubers because your funny hope and wish I could be as good as a YouTuber as you... Thanks and hope you have a great summer
Comment from : Seth Carpenter

This game is becoming overwhelming with all these properties you can own
Comment from : Dazo

Yeah I got the car first spin
Comment from : KeyDaGod1

alex thomas
Yo next time shut the fuck up
Comment from : alex thomas

Joe Rosado
WE can
Comment from : Joe Rosado

Joe Rosado
Comment from : Joe Rosado

Jon 2020
Uh poker? Meh bye
Comment from : Jon 2020

XxshiftyxX __
How do I claim my 1.25mil?
Comment from : XxshiftyxX __

smokin Oaktree420
Get that shit off your head
Comment from : smokin Oaktree420

How can you tell what status you are?
Comment from : ItsZombieGaming

Why can’t I play the missions it freezes my screen and gives an alert saying unavailable to start mission
Comment from : MiniDanielx

phantom Ninja gaming
Nice lemon head lol.
Comment from : phantom Ninja gaming

Brandon Muller
😂😂😂 btw I love your Jon snow wallpaper
Comment from : Brandon Muller

Comment from : BulletTraj

Man why are the payouts in these new missions so terrible? What the fuck Rockstar?
Comment from : iamjohnporter67

Seth Carpenter
I love your videos but I can’t see the best part of your video because some how the beginning is 1 hour 24 minutes and I like to watch you flip out about the ps4 and everything so how do you expect me to watch your video if I don’t get to see that
Comment from : Seth Carpenter

Xavier Genao
What’s worth getting for the penthouse(floor plans)????
Comment from : Xavier Genao

Gta is broken - _- I keep getting error and saving failed then save successfull and rockstar is blaming our Internet but its the servers
Comment from : SkullOfDeath2001

Seth Carpenter
Hey Dat your video is fucked up
Comment from : Seth Carpenter

J. S
there's another high limit room isn't there?
Comment from : J. S

Anthony Gazzola
I spun the wheel and got the new car !!!!
Comment from : Anthony Gazzola

Dizzy808 - Music
gta online is crashing like fuck lol
Comment from : Dizzy808 - Music

This so annoying I can’t gamble because of my region it’s so unfair like half the people can’t play the dlc rocket didn’t think this throw

Thx rockstar making me wait another 6 mouths for an update

Comment from : MiniDanielx

Jordy Van Der Pas
Why does the video start at 1:23:30
Comment from : Jordy Van Der Pas

ItsCaskey 408
He finally changes that shitty golden outfit from years ago
Comment from : ItsCaskey 408

The update is trash we only got a few new cars, penthouse which are useless cause the missions are wack
Comment from : OBEY _

How do u get all that money
Comment from : BigzH66

Jatarius Stinson
Why does it make me redo the fist mission over and over ?
Comment from : Jatarius Stinson

I learned to play blackjack from my second grade teacher (That's what happens when you grow up in Vegas and it's a fun way to learn mental math) and I learned poker from my grandpa so the only thing I really have to learn is roulette.
Comment from : Wolverineeeeeeee

AE Kacarrott
Well you know absolutely 0 about blackjack lol
Comment from : AE Kacarrott

do we have to wait an actual 24 hours to spin the wheel or do we have to wait 24 in game hours?
Comment from : OutSwitch

Brandon Rangle
after you do the mission you have to go to your penthouse and agatha will call you
Comment from : Brandon Rangle

Saul Lomeli
So long passive popping
Comment from : Saul Lomeli

leader of the 3rd reich
I can't gamble but my country allows gambling plz make a vid about this
Comment from : leader of the 3rd reich

jkl jkl
I won the car first try and todays my birthday!
Comment from : jkl jkl

Crome Boyz
Who's Crome Boyz
Comment from : Crome Boyz

Kersten Mizzi
for me it said that this feature is not available for you. pls help.
Comment from : Kersten Mizzi

Anyone else not able to even find the new missions in the menu?
Comment from : MuricanOperator

He streams on twitch right?
Comment from : Dunkface

Wubblez HQ
I found a new God mode glitch with the dlc check my channel for the clip
Comment from : Wubblez HQ

llama boy gaming
Good dlc
Comment from : llama boy gaming

Juan Cruz
Horse racing tho
Comment from : Juan Cruz

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