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Jonathan Ciesla
Flip or flop stars with the real people wondering why they were placed on the wrong channel listing and frequencies fuck up their stories and no one worries about them too much on other channels but lets worry about them there.
Comment from : Jonathan Ciesla

I don't agree with the comparison with putting. I agree that they are similar in the way you explain, but I find both those things the most fun part of the game to learn about and practice. In golf though, you're then done. In poker you get a flop and I'm like, okay... now what? XD

Limping party? XD I want to suggest the motion to do a limping dance around the table if everyone is in :p

On a serious note though: I love how you explain things. Sometimes you use terms that are unclear but as your explanations progress it becomes clear what you mean. It's rather difficult to understand for a beginner like me and the tempo is quite high, but for me it's the perfect speed. It's challenging and not boring and I can just about keep up and it feels amazing to learn so much.

Comment from : Setekh

Èric Jordan
are this ranges for MTT or for CASH?
Comment from : Èric Jordan

Carlos Rodriguez
I used to be a pretty serious small to mid stages player right at the moneymaker boom and then stopped playing as my career took over. This video was a great refresher on a lot of the tactics I used to apply when I first started and went from break even to winning player. Even just following a structured set of opening ranges and 3-bet/iso pre flop hands is a great way to start a winning approach. Great video.
Comment from : Carlos Rodriguez

Daniel Shin
this is GOLD! Please more of these content will be appreciated!!! :)
Comment from : Daniel Shin

what game u talkin about>
Comment from : PAPITO_GTO

John Carroll
Great analogy, putting.
Comment from : John Carroll

Yes No
Being aggressive post flop at least in the small stakes tourney's i play doesn't really work since people will call you with air and a prayer more often than not. Further, you will be three beted/stacked with trash very very often on the flop or turn. Therefore you are kind of forced into taking flips, Therefore exploiting their overaggresion isn't really a thing that you can do and you are better off playing tight and betting into them with made hands only. Probably >10$ tourneys aren't representative of anything though. Very nice guide regardless, really really helpful. Thank you!

Edit: Well this is for cash games, my bad, but still, very informative regardless.

Comment from : Yes No

Brett Lott
Where can I get this charts you use in this video.
Comment from : Brett Lott

Maximus Hodges
Why you all have bitchy voices
Comment from : Maximus Hodges

Simon Z
How is KJo trash?! come on! My tip for you is always be agressive. Be agressive and c-bet everytime
Comment from : Simon Z

stanno97 Stanno97
Can you stop ducking using so much terminology when this guide is meant for beginners
Comment from : stanno97 Stanno97

Cognac Dreams
I wish I had watched this when I first starting playing 😂
Comment from : Cognac Dreams

Nick Heger
How is the 15/25/35 rule affected by raises that already have callers in front of you?

Ex: in a 1/2 game, UTG+1 raises to $10. MP1 and MP2 call, and you're in the CO w/ 56s. Effective stacks $200. You don't have 35x the raise effective, but with multiple callers in the pot, can you still profitably call?

Comment from : Nick Heger

james b
you are right, this is boring stuff. You video and presentation is very boring, but I must admit it was by far one of the best videos on preflop play online. You are awesome bro. Ive watched about 3000 hours worth of videos from numerous poker training sites and youtube, and I must say you are a gem. You are my Mr. Miyagi.
Comment from : james b

DMT matrix
Haaa he said jack off
Comment from : DMT matrix

julio rodriguez
i would like to know why in Poker Star, many players go All In in prefloop whith cards like KJ, AQ, .. This with free money. I dont know with real money what happens. Thanks a lot.
Comment from : julio rodriguez

Christian Roberts
Thank you!!!
Comment from : Christian Roberts

Tommaso Sagnelli
What is the the program he is using?
Comment from : Tommaso Sagnelli

jason hounsell
At the point you say "You might think this is a lot of work, and here's what you can do instead" -- I respect Doug Polks answer, and it's what screams in my head everytime and was happy seeing Doug say it. If you don't do this stuff you will always suck, it's hard work to be good at anything, and bottom line if you don't put in the work, stay at 1c-2c tables. Good players have always put in the work to get better - back in the old days they worked with what little tools they had. Today we have so many analytical tools to use.
Comment from : jason hounsell

Gary Lu Productions
I cannot win at all. Someone keeps making huge bets on the preflop and I just keep calling and losing.
Comment from : Gary Lu Productions

K Tanner
Comment from : K Tanner

Your name's Keeley...isn't that a girl's name??
Comment from : loot6

Play tight pre & post flop
Comment from : Militant_Greenjr

jerry johnson
Thanks for increasing my Poker IQ. MY poker future really looks bright! I really love all the content. Watched all the call in shows as well. I will join up! Im crushing!
Comment from : jerry johnson

emre sarıkaya
very informative
Comment from : emre sarıkaya

Yagos 2k16
what do we do on the flop when villain just flats our 4bet bluff
Comment from : Yagos 2k16

dan z
does this apply to cash games only or can you use it in tourneys or both?
Comment from : dan z


I like this opening range better


As a standard range that is always played - this is 6.6% of hands. At a 10 handed table I will stay pretty close to this.

If the table has some thinking and tough players I'll add...

A2s-A5s with 25% frequency for each. The best way to do this is to pick a suit - for ex. I'll play Ah2h only and fold the other ones.If I add A2s-A5s with 25% frequency I get - 6.9% of hands.

Next add 87s, 76s, 65s and 54s with 25% frequency. Again, pick a suit. We're now at 7.2% of hands. Why not 98s? I agree with Doyle Brunson in that 98s hits a lot of straights that are 2nd best when you have other callers. This also gives me better board coverage with the lower cards.

Now I'll add some hands dependent on my opponents. If I don't get 3-bet a lot I'll start adding in my other pairs starting with 66 and 55.44,33 and 22 only are playable under the very best conditions. If I add 66 and 55 I'm at 8.1% of hands.

The next hand I'll add is ATs. I'll play this if I think my opponents are playing a lot of ace rag hands. Now I'm at 8.4% of hands.

Usually I don't play the next 3 hands until the next position, but sometimes table conditions are good enough to play them... BUT BE CAREFUL! Under the wrong conditions you will lose money - AJo, KQo and KJs - now we are at 10.6%.

This is usually as wide as I open up UTG. If I add in 44, 33 and 22 - which I will not unless I'm sure I'm in a super passive game and I'll get paid off when I hit - now I'm at 11.9%. This is pretty loose.

Can QJs be played profitably from under the gun in a 9-handed game? Maybe. If so, I'm at 12.2% of hands.

QTs, KTs and JTs are just begging to be dominated. Lots and lots of negative implied odds. But hey, maybe you are Daniel Negreanu and have supernatural post flop ability - probably not. Let's say I add them - 13.1%

Off course you could add more suited connectors and suited aces for your bluff range

Comment from : caposton

ian schmidt
Is this based off a standard 9 ring game or a 6 ring game?
Comment from : ian schmidt

where can you get the app? I see something in the apple app store but it's not like yours.

thanks for the education!

Comment from : D S

Navonod on NLH (New School Poker)
This video is..
Not great

Comment from : Navonod on NLH (New School Poker)

Hey! Thank you for the great video! Can these fundamentals be also applied on online SnG/MTTs in general? Or difference among these formats is too considerable?
Comment from : justultymate

Michael Covello
I'm not clear why we're referring to baby aces as "strong realized equity" rather than "reverse implied odds." Sure we can flop strong, if rarely, but far more often we'll have top pair in a spot where its often not good.
Comment from : Michael Covello

Christopher Jones
What's a VIP?
Comment from : Christopher Jones

volcano hi
some a hole 3 bet me and got me to fold 3 or 4 times last night. I moved tables. If he does it again hes in trouble!
Comment from : volcano hi

volcano hi
if its small vs big then how is the big getting great odds? a typical 1/2 bet sizing is over ten dollars so two extra dollar doesnt give you great odds or commit you.
Comment from : volcano hi

volcano hi
good teacher, im sure ill learn a bunch from re re re reviewing this vid.
Comment from : volcano hi

Wladimir Putin
good informative video and the explaining is very good as well lets just fuck
Comment from : Wladimir Putin

Jays Raps4eva
obvious chinaman accent...most likely korean
Comment from : Jays Raps4eva

whereis thepot
What is a huge VIP in the BB? :D
Comment from : whereis thepot

Anyway you could share a sheet of the different ranges for each position?
Comment from : PSkarie

Navonod on NLH (New School Poker)
I have a specific list of things that I warn my students about.
"If the guy says x, y, or z, you're better off just turning the video off and looking for something else. These are a combination of antiquated, meaningless, incorrect ideas. I think this guy hit every single one of my top five "things clueless poker people say" in the first few minutes of this video.
I wish there was some good, free content out there for live Nlh. There seems not to be. I would suggest you watch my "Update your game" videos. And maybe my series called TTOC (the Tao of C betting), and maybe then the OPP series (over powered poker). Bart Handon is pretty damn good at breaking down hands. But,.. idk, id just not watch this stuff and take it seriously

Comment from : Navonod on NLH (New School Poker)

Hey great video. Just dont understand the part about A2 not being able to flop a double gutshot. As far as i know A3 can't either? What am is missing here
Comment from : marcjan2500

Fuzzy Pup
Like the video.
Comment from : Fuzzy Pup

Jeb Beach
thanks for an excellent video. played with some range adjustments in my live game yesterday and it really helped my decision-making. wondering where/how the SB/BB ranges fit in? is there info on that somewhere?
Comment from : Jeb Beach

Stavros Georgiadis
You advocate for a strategy that punishes players that like to see flops.
I want to ask you what's your adjustment for the CA drop rake?
In 5/5 if we create 3-way pots where the villains fold on the flop or turn, we are looking at pots $60--$120 on which we pay rake $6-$8.
In heads-up pots it gets worst: $6 rake (+tip) for a $50 pot, if the villain plays fit-or-fold on the flop.
Is the strategy that you are proposing still profitable?

Comment from : Stavros Georgiadis

Gerhard Gammla
It's cool that such a long informative video is uploaded here, but I guess most viewers are familiar with more or less points of the video. So I would recommend for "the next time" to put timestamps down into the description, because more experienced players can pick only the points they aren't good at yet. Nonetheless thank you for uploading this!
Comment from : Gerhard Gammla

Bob PCT 2020
Good video!
Comment from : Bob PCT 2020

It's called being Tight Aggressive and is a proven way to be profitable at cash games...I play this style and make $35-$40 an hr at $2-$5 NL cash games..is that too tight?
Comment from : TheDazboo

Lol this guy is horrible at poker
Comment from : L B

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