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Ali Bartusiak
Listen Anthony do a 100 throngs about you
Comment from : Ali Bartusiak

Exalper Games
I prefer the old sound
Comment from : Exalper Games

Exalper Games
I liked the old sound of the arrow more
Comment from : Exalper Games

ejaz saleem
100 things you didn't know about zombie
Comment from : ejaz saleem

Declan's Wae
The old arrow sounds sounds like the roblox arrow
Comment from : Declan's Wae

1:10 I think that Enderman hates you
Comment from : WeatherRadiosAndSirens01

Gurpreet Singh I Love you Sunanda Sharma
About vilager
Comment from : Gurpreet Singh I Love you Sunanda Sharma

Arsenio Joves
DO A 10 Things that you didn't know about wither
Comment from : Arsenio Joves

Mishelle Godoy
10 things you didn't know about ideactive
Comment from : Mishelle Godoy

typrime killer
When u listen the old sound of the arrow its actually roblox
Comment from : typrime killer

Mlg Melon Pult
Comment from : Mlg Melon Pult

Rosie Crossley
Do ten things about the ender dragon
Comment from : Rosie Crossley

Phill Hambrook
10 things you didn’t know about the crossbow
Comment from : Phill Hambrook

Parker Matthews
DOG spelled backwards yes dog spelled backwards is god
Comment from : Parker Matthews

Parker Matthews
iDOne time use the saying about some horse some horses also some pigs are so dogs
Comment from : Parker Matthews

I prefer old arrow sound
Comment from : 감자

Prince Wyatt 723 Gaming
3:59 Creeper died of Sniper Bow
Comment from : Prince Wyatt 723 Gaming

Heronak j
Old sound is best
Comment from : Heronak j

mitch thirdy
I know the old sound in arrow is like in Roblox
Comment from : mitch thirdy

Swagin Burger
I prefer the old arrow sound
Comment from : Swagin Burger

Comment from : 10

Mitzy Borromeo
10 things you didn’t know about craftingtable
Comment from : Mitzy Borromeo

Bryan random
15 things you didn’t/don’t know about ideactivate
Comment from : Bryan random

Dana May
50 thing you didn't know about the bosses
Comment from : Dana May

Pluto The Planet
Heck yeah it's better at night. 1 am cereal is the best cereal.
Comment from : Pluto The Planet

Talk about flint
Comment from : KillerFlame

Hunter 255
Fat Punk
Comment from : Hunter 255

Nhân Trọng Vũ
Old sound
Roblox bow sound : am i a joke to you?

Comment from : Nhân Trọng Vũ

Owen George
Antony: Up to Minecraft 1.0
It read Beta 1.8
Make your mind up Antony! ^_^

Comment from : Owen George

Owen George
Antony: Up to Beta 1.7
It actually said Beta 1.3 not 1.7

Comment from : Owen George

Random videos At random times
That sound (the old one) reminds me of granny in roblox when you press on her bear traps
Comment from : Random videos At random times

Daniel Gregory
Do 10 things about the campfire
Comment from : Daniel Gregory

Eddie Spassov
my fav sounds for the bow are the old floppy sounds, and the new firing sound
Comment from : Eddie Spassov

Patryk Bulat
g o s t a r o w
Comment from : Patryk Bulat

nikolas mad
i remember when arrows were crafted with iron
Comment from : nikolas mad

4:04 roblox grapple hook
Comment from : RobotGaming6000

Nathan Almasi
you spent 18 seconds talking about cereal... 10 THINGS YOU DIDNT KNOW ABOUT CEREAL! IDC IF ITS NOT ABOUT MINECRAFTTTTT!!!!
Comment from : Nathan Almasi

Jonas Dekeyzer
i prefere the old sound!!! it was just awsome
Comment from : Jonas Dekeyzer

Do 20 things the bow
Comment from : zahidarif

archie garcia
Comment from : archie garcia

King Ghidorah
sound like crossbow
Comment from : King Ghidorah

Top 20 things you didn’t know about versions
Comment from : EricHuseey

Bowmaster Playz
Do 10 things you didn't know about the bow
Comment from : Bowmaster Playz

Wtf is the spectral arrow? Is it obtainable?
Comment from : Massasteria

hunter playz
Comment from : hunter playz

David Martin
Make a make a video based on what you never knew about a sword in Minecraft
Comment from : David Martin

Jennifer Peters
the original bow sound was taken from roblox's bow sound
Comment from : Jennifer Peters

Ella Brown
If he says "back in the earlier days of Minecraft" again I'm gonna scream
Comment from : Ella Brown

slime king
I like when it sticks out
Comment from : slime king

imposible vikz
you mean you spawned with 20 arrows in minecraft survival test
Comment from : imposible vikz

Colton Register
Comment from : Colton Register

I knew facts 2 and 3
Comment from : Algodooer19

Nathaniel 102408
Didn't know about beacon
Comment from : Nathaniel 102408

Veixx Black
1:17 sorry to tell you but Enderman do not teleport they run fast don't believe me go to the end shoot an arrow near one home video and when they "teleport" Slow Down the video
Comment from : Veixx Black

Kai Weiley
Comment from : Kai Weiley

Aldrin Velasco
The old arrow sound sounds like a roblox grapling hook
Comment from : Aldrin Velasco

smollo chan
The first sound
Comment from : smollo chan

the little fluffer
Comment from : the little fluffer

Angie Porco
do 10 things you didnt kow about the bow
Comment from : Angie Porco

Tishelle Mckenzie
4:03 is roblox harpoon gun sound
Comment from : Tishelle Mckenzie

Bryle Lucas
I like the old one 😓
Comment from : Bryle Lucas

Aiden Gamer
I'm happy they changed the arrow shot sound becuz it's a Roblox copyright
Comment from : Aiden Gamer

Jared James Miralles
The arrow sound like is on roblox went the player shoot some of it
Comment from : Jared James Miralles

Fun Kids TV
Comment from : Fun Kids TV

Old sound 👍
Comment from : bluequesadilla37

Grace Li
Ten things u didn’t know about conduits
Comment from : Grace Li

Judith Rivera
Your a good youtober
Comment from : Judith Rivera

THE term SEEyis Chongey
I like the old arrow sound better
Comment from : THE term SEEyis Chongey

THE term SEEyis Chongey
Do ten things you didn't know about pistons
Comment from : THE term SEEyis Chongey

Harry the Moths baby girl
Mmmmmmmmm books
Comment from : Harry the Moths baby girl

Ninja KidS
Comment from : Ninja KidS

Lachlan D
I like the first sound for the arrow
Comment from : Lachlan D

azerina kardaš
Heres another fact you might not know about the arrow:
Before 1.1, if you were killed by an arrow fired from a dispenser, you will get the death mesagge ,,(player name) was shot by herobrine. It was then removed in 1.1.

Comment from : azerina kardaš

George Laszlo
The original arrow sounds like a cross bow in roblox.
Comment from : George Laszlo

S_KOR Nick
Thanks about Number1!!!! I didn't know indev arrow crafting!!!
Comment from : S_KOR Nick

entong ye
Ohh,in the old version of Minecraft,you don’t need a bow to shoot arrow
Comment from : entong ye

Not Me
The old sound is like a crossbow
Comment from : Not Me

Gauge Stutsman
I like the old sound
Comment from : Gauge Stutsman

Divit K
Do 10 things you didn't know about golems
Comment from : Divit K

A guy named LYnX
I hope the older bow sound will be used for the crossbows
Comment from : A guy named LYnX

Do 10 things you didn't know about leaves
Comment from : RoseLove13

Machine Pistol
the old sound of bow sounds like crossbow
Comment from : Machine Pistol

Forever Blue and Violet
Things you didn't know about the lava or water
Comment from : Forever Blue and Violet

Muhammad Nawfal Khairul Azlan
10 things you didn't know about bow
Comment from : Muhammad Nawfal Khairul Azlan

MiniSteve Jr
Things about herobrine 😂
Comment from : MiniSteve Jr

Konstantinos Doukas
Minecraft 10 think you didn’t know about Minecraft indev
Comment from : Konstantinos Doukas

Super_The_ Gamer
sounded like roblox..
Comment from : Super_The_ Gamer

Roshani Handy
Comment from : Roshani Handy

Roshani Handy
Comment from : Roshani Handy

Roshani Handy
Comment from : Roshani Handy

I love cats
Comment from : I love cats

Jason Pro
Comment from : Jason Pro

Dzeltenais X TV
I would rather prefer the old sound of the Bow & Arrow.. I bet someone will agree with me!
Comment from : Dzeltenais X TV

Willy Dilena
five things did no about flint
Comment from : Willy Dilena

the Pokemon master the poke
I knew them all
Comment from : the Pokemon master the poke

Trasca Lenuta
Current arrow sound
Comment from : Trasca Lenuta

Ramsay Sanders
Arrows are the most powerful weapons that are unenchantable.
Comment from : Ramsay Sanders

Eduardo Rivero
Things thint you nowbaboitbd enderamn
Comment from : Eduardo Rivero

William Blake
Do 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Diamond In Minecraft
Comment from : William Blake

Blue Brick
Why not fill every space in the game with a block and shoot an enderman with an arrow
Comment from : Blue Brick

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